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Contributing to A11Y Project

Do you enjoy web accessibility and want to help? Here's how you can help.

Pattern Submissions

If you'd like to submit patterns to the A11Y Project make sure to do the following…

  1. Make a CodePen (or use an equivalent service like a JSFiddle or JSBin for example) NOTE : Please keep code as vanilla as possible. No Sass. No LESS. No HAML etc. You get the point.
  2. Submit your pen to our Issue Tracker w/the name of your pattern as the title.
  3. Wait for the community to give you feedback and approval. Note: Keep the feedback and discussion to the pattern submitted and avoid discussing other patterns. Submit new patterns as separate issues.
  4. “Git” down and boogie

    boogie dance

Writing articles

We have a list of articles we'd love to see written. Have an idea for an article? We'd love to know what you want to contribute.

  1. Search to make sure someone hasn't snagged the article already.
  2. Claim an article by starting a new issue with "Article: your title" as the issue title. The final title can (or probably should) be different.
  3. When you check–in, reference that issue number in the commit, e.g., re: #32
  4. Articles are written in plain text at a linkable location on the web. We recommend using GitHub's gists (but OK So Clap is another option if gists aren't your thing). Link us to your gist (or your clap) in the issue field for your article and we'll be sure to clone and update our site accordingly with your masterpiece. When you are ready to submit the article via a pull request, we have a lovely sample post file to get you started.

Plain-text Workflow for Article Submission

  1. Make a gist or a clap
  2. Start a conversation about it in an issue
  3. Roll the article in yourself via a pull request (gist only) OR ask someone to help you.

Article style guide

Here are some suggestions and tips on writing your article:

  • Short - Aim for a timed reading length of approximately two minutes.
  • Focused - Keep it digestible and to a single topic. Articles that span multiple areas and topics are better broken up.

Adding Resources

Find a great resource that you think will be useful to others?

  • Add it to the resources page under the appropriate category.
  • Resources should be listed alphabetically.

Reporting issues

Notice something inaccurate? Noticed something inaccessible on this site? You think you can code something up better?

  • File an issue.
  • Preface your issue as either an inaccuracy, a inaccessibility, or a bug (for site issues) (e.g. "Bug: Link at archive not working").
  • ISSUES ARE NOT free help on your website. Use Stack Overflow for that.

Key branches

  • gh-pages is the "master" branch. This is the website.

If you have a feature request(s) we suggest filing an issue initially to discuss your feature. Once that feature has been accepted you'll be off and running to feature making madness. Start a separate branch and use the following naming convention for your feature branch:

  • feature/name_of_feature

Build Process

  • In order to create a site build you'll need to make sure you've run through all the listed commands in the order they appear from our
  • CSS changes must be done in .scss files first, never just the compiled files. We use Codekit to compile our Sass and Compass.

Pull requests

  • Filing a descriptive issue then assigning it to yourself before you commit would really help get your commit accepted.


By contributing your code, you agree to license your contribution under the terms of the APLv2.

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