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Adding HTML_CodeSniffer for 'online tools' as a resource

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1 parent e3c0349 commit 5eed6adc654012191924edc7d987266d9b35220f @qwertypants qwertypants committed Jan 24, 2013
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@@ -96,5 +96,6 @@
<li><a href="" rel="external">Colorblind Web Page Filter</a></li>
<li><a href="" rel="external">Contrast Ratio</a> by Lea Verou</li>
<li><a href="" rel="external">Contrast-A Accessible color combinations tool</a></li>
+ <li><a href="" rel="external">A client-side script that checks HTML source code and detects violations of a defined coding standard</a></li>

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