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Want to contribute to Issues? Awesome! We're open to all sort of contributions: features and fixes in the existing website, suggestions, bug reports, accessibility issues you've found on web.

Get ready!

  1. Fork the project on GitHub.
  2. Install npm dependencies by running npm install and make sure you have Ruby and Jekyll installed (see installation guide for Jekyll).
  3. Commit your changes in a feature Git branch.
  4. Submit a pull request on GitHub.

Report an accessibility issue

Found a web app that breaks one or more of the Four Principles of Accessibility? Contribute! There are 2 ways to contribute with an accessibility issue you've found.

  1. Clone the project (see "Getting ready" above) and add a Markdown file under _posts.
  2. Open a GitHub issue with your report.

Please, describe the report as clearly and detailed as you can, including steps to reproduce, what principle has been broken, browser version, operational system, screenshots or videos etc.

Use the following template, if possible: (Filename)

layout: post
date: 2016-05-24 19:51:10
app_name: 'Website where you found the issue'
principle: "perceivable"
media: my-image-for-the-issue (make sure to place it on `/assets/img` and use the same name as the post filename)

Here you can add any Markdown-valid content describing the accessibility issue.

⚠️ Your tag must be one of the following: "Non-perceivable", "Non-operable", "Non-understandable". To know which one to use, refer to the POUR principles.


Example of a report of an accessibility issue on Tinder: (Filename)

layout: post
title: "Close button for intrusive modal isn't accessible"
date: 2017-11-04 18:25:10 +0200
app_name: "Tinder"
tag: "non-operable"

Tinder opens a modal for signing up right at the beginning of the browsing experience. Besides that, the close button isn't reachable by keyboard, because `div` is being used instead of `button`.

![Tinder's sign up modal](

* Software: Chrome 61

See other existing issues for more examples.

All contributions are welcome. Thank you!