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@echo off
if exist build (
rd /s /q build
md build
echo common files
cd /d %~dp0
xcopy /s /e /y /i boot build\boot
echo Language
echo 1. Simplified Chinese
echo 2. Traditional Chinese
echo 3. English (United States)
echo 4. Turkish
echo 5. German
echo 6. Vietnamese
echo 7. Russian
echo Please make a choice:
set /p id=
if "%id%" == "1" goto cn
if "%id%" == "2" goto tw
if "%id%" == "3" goto en
if "%id%" == "4" goto tr
if "%id%" == "5" goto de
if "%id%" == "6" goto vn
if "%id%" == "7" goto ru
echo zh_CN
bin\msgfmt.exe grub\locale\zh_CN.po -o build\boot\grub\locale\
bin\msgfmt.exe lang\zh_CN\fm.po -o build\boot\grub\locale\fm\
copy lang\zh_CN\ build\boot\grub\
goto build
echo zh_TW
bin\msgfmt.exe grub\locale\zh_TW.po -o build\boot\grub\locale\
bin\msgfmt.exe lang\zh_TW\fm.po -o build\boot\grub\locale\fm\
copy lang\zh_TW\ build\boot\grub\
goto build
echo en_US
goto build
echo tr_TR
bin\msgfmt.exe grub\locale\tr_TR.po -o build\boot\grub\locale\
bin\msgfmt.exe lang\tr_TR\fm.po -o build\boot\grub\locale\fm\
copy lang\tr_TR\ build\boot\grub\
goto build
echo de_DE
bin\msgfmt.exe grub\locale\de_DE.po -o build\boot\grub\locale\
bin\msgfmt.exe lang\de_DE\fm.po -o build\boot\grub\locale\fm\
copy lang\de_DE\ build\boot\grub\
goto build
echo vi_VN
bin\msgfmt.exe grub\locale\vi_VN.po -o build\boot\grub\locale\
bin\msgfmt.exe lang\vi_VN\fm.po -o build\boot\grub\locale\fm\
copy lang\vi_VN\ build\boot\grub\
goto build
echo ru_RU
bin\msgfmt.exe grub\locale\ru_RU.po -o build\boot\grub\locale\
bin\msgfmt.exe lang\ru_RU\fm.po -o build\boot\grub\locale\fm\
copy lang\ru_RU\ build\boot\grub\
goto build
echo i386-efi
md build\boot\grub\i386-efi
set /p optional= < arch\ia32\optional.lst
for /f "tokens=1,*" %%a in ("%optional%") do (
copy grub\i386-efi\%%a.mod build\boot\grub\i386-efi\
set optional=%%b
copy arch\ia32\*.efi build\boot\grub
copy arch\ia32\*.gz build\boot\grub
cd build
%~dp0\bin\find.exe ./boot | %~dp0\bin\cpio.exe -o -H newc > ./memdisk.cpio
cd ..
rd /s /q build\boot\grub\i386-efi
del build\boot\grub\*.efi
del build\boot\grub\*.gz
set /p modules= < arch\ia32\builtin.lst
grub\grub-mkimage.exe -m build\memdisk.cpio -d grub\i386-efi -p (memdisk)/boot/grub -c arch\ia32\config.cfg -o grubfmia32.efi -O i386-efi %modules%
echo x86_64-efi
md build\boot\grub\x86_64-efi
set /p optional= < arch\x64\optional.lst
for /f "tokens=1,*" %%a in ("%optional%") do (
copy grub\x86_64-efi\%%a.mod build\boot\grub\x86_64-efi\
set optional=%%b
copy arch\x64\*.efi build\boot\grub
copy arch\x64\*.gz build\boot\grub
cd build
%~dp0\bin\find.exe ./boot | %~dp0\bin\cpio.exe -o -H newc > ./memdisk.cpio
cd ..
rd /s /q build\boot\grub\x86_64-efi
del build\boot\grub\*.efi
del build\boot\grub\*.gz
set /p modules= < arch\x64\builtin.lst
grub\grub-mkimage.exe -m build\memdisk.cpio -d grub\x86_64-efi -p (memdisk)/boot/grub -c arch\x64\config.cfg -o grubfmx64.efi -O x86_64-efi %modules%
del build\memdisk.cpio
echo i386-pc
set /p builtin= < arch\legacy\builtin.lst
md build\boot\grub\i386-pc
set /p modlist= < arch\legacy\insmod.lst
set /p optional= < arch\legacy\optional.lst
set modlist=%modlist% %optional%
for /f "tokens=1,*" %%a in ("%modlist%") do (
copy grub\i386-pc\%%a.mod build\boot\grub\i386-pc\
set modlist=%%b
goto CPMOD
copy arch\legacy\insmod.lst build\boot\grub\
copy arch\legacy\grub.exe build\boot\grub\
copy arch\legacy\duet64.iso build\boot\grub\
copy arch\legacy\memdisk build\boot\grub\
copy arch\legacy\ipxe.lkrn build\boot\grub\
cd build
%~dp0\bin\find.exe ./boot | %~dp0\bin\cpio.exe -o -H newc | %~dp0\bin\gzip.exe -9 > ./fm.loop
cd ..
rd /s /q build\boot
grub\grub-mkimage.exe -d grub\i386-pc -m arch\legacy\null.cpio -p (fm)/boot/grub -c arch\legacy\config.cfg -o build\core.img -O i386-pc %builtin%
copy /B grub\i386-pc\cdboot.img + build\core.img build\fmldr
del /q build\core.img
copy arch\legacy\MAP build\
if exist arch\legacy\ntboot\NTBOOT.MOD\NTBOOT.NT6 (
if exist arch\legacy\ntboot\NTBOOT.MOD\NTBOOT.PE1 (
xcopy /I /E arch\legacy\ntboot build\
if exist arch\legacy\wimboot (
copy arch\legacy\wimboot build\
if exist arch\legacy\vbootldr (
copy arch\legacy\vbootldr build\
if exist arch\legacy\install.gz (
copy arch\legacy\install.gz build\
bin\mkisofs.exe -R -hide-joliet boot.catalog -b fmldr -no-emul-boot -allow-lowercase -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -o grubfm.iso build
rd /s /q build
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