FastTracker 2 .xm module player in Javascript
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FastTracker 2 .XM player, written for fun.


There is an XM player and a visualizer which are separate components. The player API looks like this:

  • XMPlayer.init -> starts up audio context; it's available as XMPlayer.audioctx
  • XMPlayer.load(ArrayBuffer) -> returns true if loaded, otherwise barfs randomly
  • -> starts playing
  • XMPlayer.pause() -> obvious
  • XMPlayer.stop() -> obvious; call this before loading a new one

Loading trackview.js is optional; without it, the player won't do any visualizations. Or, you can override the following to get callbacks:

  • XMView.pushEvent(e) -> push an audio event onto the queue. Called once per tick (about 50Hz, controlled by song). e contains fields:
    • t - audio timestamp
    • vu - Float32Array of RMS power (volume) for each channel
    • scopes - [Float32Array] of oscilloscope data, one array per channel; XMView.scope_width contains # of samples to produce here
    • songpos - position in the song (# patterns played)
    • pat - pattern number currently playing
    • row - row within pattern
  • XMView.pause() - pause visualization
  • XMView.stop() - stop/reset visualization

The code which defines what the buttons do and downloads songs and so forth is in shell.js.

The player is fairly feature-complete, but is missing a bunch of effects.

MIT license.