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@a2-4am a2-4am released this Mar 16, 2019 · 27 commits to master since this release

  • support booting 13-sector disks
  • support booting disks on Apple //c and IIgs which would otherwise time out
    looking for a boot sector (SpiraDisc, some early EA games)
  • bypass a peripheral scan in some games that would hang on some peripherals
    and crash others and require a hardware power cycle in order to reboot
    properly (SpiraDisc)
  • support multiple versions of "David's Midnight Magic"
  • remove "unsupported game" error, always continue booting
  • bypass prompt if launched from hard drive (press the open- or closed-apple
    key on startup to show the prompt)
  • minimum requirements lowered to 48K Apple ][+ (still useful for booting
    13-sector disks)
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