xmlrpc implementation for javascript.
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jsxmlRPC :: Download

You have several options for obtaining the jsxmlRPC distribution:

  • Download the tarball from github
  • Retrieve the latest from github
  • Retrieve this file, which contains a single file which you need to include in order to use jsxmlRPC.

I've not really had time to make the distribution pretty. The following files are included in the distribution:

  • README this file

  • all_scripts.js probably what you are looking for. The Javascript to include to use the library.

  • src this directory contains all the commented javascript source files and rudimentary unit tests for the distribution. These files get processed into one large file that's stripped of comments and unnecessary whitespace

  • prepare.rb the script to assemble the source files.

  • prepare_dist.rb the script to prepare the jsRPC distribution tarball.

  • prepare_site.rb scripts to set up the website. (You probably won't be needing this.)

  • dist this is the directory that the source files are assembled into. it contains the file all_scripts.js generated by prepare.rb. In case you are repackaging the main distribution tarball, that also gets assembled in this directory.

  • prepare_tests.rb prepares the unit tests from the source files. Since the tests also include calls to webservices (which are included) they currently need to be install on a server that support ruby for CGI. Most likely, you'll not have sufficient infrastructure, the tests are hosted here.

  • tests some of the required infrastructure that prepare_tests.rb uses to construct the distribution. This is a really crude attempt at a Javascript unit test runner. The tests are implemented as an array of functions at the bottom of each "raw" javascript file in the src directory. The testrunner calls each function in the array. The test functions in the array return either true or false to determine whether that test passed. Some test have an undefined result.

    The prepare.rb script removes these tests when preparing the all_scripts.js distribution file.


Hugo Buddelmeijer (buddel@astro.rug.nl) for fixes!