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* Provide tests and documentation for +head+, +options+ and +trace+
* There seems to be a bug in webrick that it doesn't recognize the
Content-Length header if using basic authentication. The POST test
cases lead to a:
ERROR HTTPRequest#fixup: WEBrick::HTTPStatus::LengthRequired occured.
even though the Content-Length header is set correctly in the http
* I've not figured out how to set_up and teardown webbrick properly.
Since webbrick blocks after calling `start`, it needs to started in a
seperate thread. I didn't handle communication with it properly
though. Test::Unit calls set_up and teardown before
and after executing each test... method, and not as I expected, before
and after each test file. This leads to a new TestServer being
instantiated which complains "bind-adress already in use", because the
other instance wasn't properly shut down. I tried to dix this by setting
up the server in the constructor, but that has the same effect.
It seems like a new instance of TestCase is instantiated to run every
single test... method.
* There also seems to be something screwy about how rake calls the
tests. Some ruby files seem to be included twice. This leads to
"already initialized constant" error in the output of the unit tests.
* The two previous bugs aren't really problematic, because they only
make the output of the tests ugly. They should be easy to fix... (But
they're not high on my list of priorities.)