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This is a Hackathon project for Imagine Hack 2017 ( participating in the Health-Care Category. Rachel is an intelligent Chabot that assist user in managing their calendar and reminder with health for themselves and friends and families.

Prototype mockup and desgin explaination

Prototype mockup

This prototype shows the end-product we aim to design. It hopes to manage the user, and his/her family and friend's heath condition. By managing the user's calendar event and reminder. It could give informative suggestions to assist the user from a choice of restaurants to some health products such as vitamins.


Rachel is built running two servers: Back-end and Front-end.

  • Back-server : Express.js + MongoDB on Azure
  • Front-end : MS bot framework + Luis + Node.js

Current build is able to identify diseases and reflect user when certain personnel is mentioned. Weak in identifying calendar events and to-do list.

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