A grab bag of ESP32-related documentation, example code, hardware diagrams, and more.
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ESP32 Miscellany

ESP-WROOM-03 Module soldered on a testbed

All sorts of miscellaneous files to support Espressif's ESP31B, ESP32, and the ESP-WROOM-03 module. You'll find everything from pictures to hardware diagrams to example code.

Repository Contents

  • /Documentation - Data sheets, additional product information
  • /Firmware - Example code
  • /Fritzing - Fritzing parts and an example circuit
  • /Graphical Datasheet - Graphical datasheet (plus the source) of the ESP31B ESP-WROOM-03 module.
  • /Hardware - Eagle library parts
  • /Images - Photos and images related to the ESP32

License Information

These files are open source!

Please review the LICENSE.md file for license information.

If you have any questions or concerns on licensing, please contact techsupport@sparkfun.com.

Distributed as-is; no warranty is given.

  • Your friends at SparkFun.