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concrete5 ideas

The goal of this document is to gather ideas of how concrete5 can improve its communication via different channels. Many of these ideas cannot be executed by its authors. This document however can be taken as a resource for the concrete5 team when things are to be changed. The list is gathered by active concrete5 community members who want to express their ideas, suggestions, and wishes.



  • Always use HTTPS (e.g. on login page). (a3020)
  • Remove the 'We Can Build It Together' alert box, as it moves the whole layout. (a3020)



  1. A webhook (mnakalay)
  2. An API (collective)
  3. Add an option to retrieve the Version History Page from the add-on's CHANGELOG file. (a3020)
  4. Make the "Short Description" field wider when you edit a marketplace item. (a3020)
  5. Add the ability to sort screenshots. (a3020)
  6. Add statistics for add-on developers, e.g. to see how many people visit a marketplace page. (a3020)
  7. Sort marketplace results randomly. (a3020)
  8. Send an email if someone grants you a license. (a3020)
  9. Display the number of downloads/licenses sold for add-ons. (ramonleenders)
  10. Add an integration with Github so that new releases on Github are automatically added as release on (a3020)
  11. Replace the white-space: nowrap with white-space: normal in the Uploaded Files table ('Notes' column) on /marketplace/manage_files. When writing a longer comment the page gets horizontally out of the screen view. (danielgasser)
  12. Trigger an update on every time a free add-on has been updated. (a3020)
  13. Ability to filter on the minimum concrete5 version that is required. (a3020)
  14. Some indicator of when the developer was last active, average response time, days of no-response support requests, aggregated across all of a developer's addons. (JohnTheFish)
  15. Ability to filter on add-ons from a certain author. (a3020)
  16. Make the 'Get Support' button clearer. Some users mistakenly see this button as 'General concrete5 support', so not add-on related. See this example. (ramonleenders)
  17. The ability to easily add code blocks with highlighting to the marketplace pages. (a3020)
  18. Show in which size developers should upload their marketplace images. E.g. 1500x900. (a3020)
  19. Show the date when an add-on was last updated. (a3020)
  20. Make it possible to sort the documentation pages. For example, I want 'Roadmap' always shown last. (a3020)
  21. A feed or list with add-ons that have been updated recently. (a3020)
  22. Weekly featured themes/add-ons (marketplace home page). (hostco)
  23. Split licenses on /profile/orders/ page between legacy and non-legacy. (ODKnet)
  24. Provide a way to upload and insert images relating to a marketplace page that are not part of the screenshot list. (JohnTheFish)
  25. Bug: the 'screencast' field can't be emptied. It's not possible to remove a screencast from an add-on. (a3020)
  26. When changing the minimum required version of an add-on / theme, it needs to be reselected on each upload. (JohnTheFish)
  27. Show the last compatible version on the marketplace page. (ramonleenders)
  28. Adding the same add-on to both the 5.6 and 5.7 marketplace will create an '/add-on1' kind of slug (which is pretty ugly). (a3020)
  29. Marketplace reviews may have attachments but they are not shown on the reviews page. (a3020)
  30. The ability to delete / deactivate add-ons or themes. (a3020)
  31. When submitting a theme / add-on, set the pkg version to 0.9.0, instead of 1.0. (a3020)

Maintaining the license model

Goal: Prevent abuse of the license.

  1. Offer/promote discounts to theme/add-on customers that submit sites to the show case. Promote transparency to fight license abuse. (hostco)
  2. Let add-on developers 'report' if they know a certain user is violating the license. (a3020)
  3. Inform users (again) about the policy when x-amount of reports have been submitted. (a3020)
  4. Block marketplace purchases if a user continues to violate the license. (a3020)
  5. Write a blog about the license model, and why it's important. (a3020)
  6. When downloading an archive of a paid add-on, add a notice that there is a '1 license per site' policy. (a3020)
  7. Add a warning if a user tries to post a support ticket but the license is unassigned, in order to stimulate assigning licenses. (a3020)
  8. Make it configurable for the add-on developer whether a URL is required along with the support ticket. (a3020)


  1. Fix the bug with hyperlinks that don't show a space in front of them. (a3020)



  1. It shows "You have not contributed any documentation to concrete5." even though one might have updated existing documentation pages.
  2. Documentation per concrete5 version, similar to (a3020)
  3. Make it transparent who are in the documentation team. (a3020)


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