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On one hand this release contains a lot of new cool features. On the other this release is not directly compatible with earlier versions. I will provide guide that will describe how to install this version if you have earlier versions installed already.

Here is what I've done so far:

  1. I merged relationship-related (N-1 and N-N) operations with View-Oriented operations.
  2. Distribute Action feature was added. Configuration is not that easy though but it works perfectly and does what it should.
  3. Update of child records prepared based on configurable list of other entity/generic list of values.
  4. Geolocation of address using BingMaps services.
  5. Convertion of attachments from one format to another using CloudConvert service (up to 25 free conversions).
  6. Duplicate detection - results can be sent as a list of urls or embedded to an email as a table with results.
  7. Add Business Days to date with possibility to define weekends (for some countries weekends are Thursday-Friday or Friday-Saturday) and even holidays (you can use custom entity for storing of holidays plus FetchXml query to pass it inside Workflow Step).