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Welcome to the Ultimate Workflow Toolkit wiki!

Main goal of this toolkit is provide the list of custom workflow activities to extend the list of actions available in Workflow Designer. Goal of first build provide all operations with all standard entities that are available through interface of Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 and through SDK but not available in OOB Workflows:

  1. Lead (Qualify Lead).
  2. Opportunities (Close as Won, Close as Lost, Convert to Quote, Convert to Order, Convert to Invoice, Get Opportunity Close record of Won/Lost Opportunity).
  3. Quotes (Close, Win, Revise, Get Products from Opportunity, Convert to Order, Get Quote Close Record of Closed Quote).
  4. Order (Close, Fulfill, Lock/Unlock Pricing, Convert to Invoice, Get Products from Opportunity, Get Order Close Record of Closed Order).
  5. Invoice (Get Products from Opportunity, Lock/Unlock Pricing).
  6. Case (Close Case, Get Case Resolution record of Closed Case).

If I missed any standard operation feel free to get in touch with me and request new action for missed operation.

Wiki articles regarding usage of steps:

Address Geocoding

Duplicate Detection Check

File Conversion

File Renaming

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