Bulk Operations

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There are 4 Bulk Operations in UWT at the moment:

  1. Cascade Status
  2. Distribute Action
  3. Distribute Workflow
  4. Update Records

Here is their common part - defining of records' scope on which bulk operation is executed - there are 4 ways to define this set (choose one that fits your situation):

  • Get records through relationship (1-N or N-N) related to record provided
  • Get records from public view
  • Get records from private view
  • Get records from generic fetchxml query

To use first approach (through relationship) you have to pass Record Reference to "Record" input, name of relationship between "Record" and related records to "Relationship Name". Optionally if you want to filter records you can add filter to "Additional Filter Xml" - this is part of standard filtering part of FetchXml.

To use "Public View" or "Private View" all you need is just select correspond view in lookup window.

To use "FetchXml Query" just enter created FetchXml into correspond input (to build FetchXml Query you can use either Advanced Find or FetchXml Builder plugin of XrmToolbox).

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