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commandline MUA using notmuch and urwid

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This is a proposal for a terminal gui for notmuch mail written in python using the urwid toolkit.

The files and contain instructions on how to set it up and customize respectively.

(slightly outdated) autogenerated API docs for the current master branch can be found here. Their sources live in the docs directory.

Do comment on the code or file issues! I'm curious what you think of it. You can talk to me in #notmuch@Freenode.

Current features include:

  • modular and command prompt driven interface
  • tab completion and usage help for all commands
  • completion using addressbook lookups
  • user configurable keyboard maps
  • spawn terminals for asynchronous editing of mails
  • theming, optionally in 2, 16 or 256 colours
  • tag specific theming and tagstring translation
  • a hook system to inject one's own python code
  • python shell for introspection
  • forward/reply/group-reply of emails
  • printing/piping of mails and threads
  • multiple accounts for sending mails via sendmail
  • priorizable notification popups
  • database manager that manages a write queue to the notmuch index

Soonish to be addressed non-features:

  • encryption/decryption for messages
  • search for strings in displayed buffer
  • folding for message parts
  • undo for commands


In all views, arrows, page-up/down, j,k and space can be used to move the focus. Escape cancels prompts and Enter selects. Hit ":" at any time and type in commands to the prompt. Usage information on any command can be listed using help YOURCOMMAND. The keybindings for the current mode are listet upon pressing '?'.

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