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# PURPOSE: To convert a CSV to LDIF
# LIMITATIONS: Expects the following format use in the CSV.
# Surname,GivenName,UID,Mail,Phone,Description
# This is a little prettier than the previous one bus still
# should deliver the same results.
# You should also edit the default GID as I've set it to a rush song
# INSTALL: change script to +x and run with a file option
# USE: modify the FILENAME on the cat and run.
# $ csv2ldif file.csv
for i in `cat $1`;do
UIDNUMBER=`seq 2000 2100`
FILE=">> ldif.txt"
GIVENNAME=`echo ${i} | awk -F, '{print $2}'`
SURNAME=`echo ${i} | awk -F, '{print $1}'`
USERNAME=`echo ${i} | awk -F, '{print $3}'`
MAILADDR=`echo ${i} | awk -F, '{print $4}'`
echo "dn=${OUWHERE},${DNWHERE}"
echo "objectClass: person" ${FILE}
echo "objectClass: top" ${FILE}
echo "objectClass: inetorgperson" ${FILE}
echo "uid: ${USERNAME}" ${FILE}
echo "sn: ${SURNAME}" ${FILE}
echo "givenname: ${GIVENAME}" ${FILE}
echo "mail: ${MAILADDR}" ${FILE}
echo "uidNumber: ${UIDNUMBER}" ${FILE}
echo "gid: ${DEFAULTGID}" ${FILE}
echo "" ${FILE}