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- Fixed admin port "/" path, and added an "X-Ostrich-Version" header to all
release: 14 June 2011
- StatsListener computes distributions as deltas just like it does for
- Distribution is now just a thin immutable wrapper around a Histogram, and
FanoutMetric now has the same behavior as FanoutCounter.
- Min/max are now computed on the histogram and vary across samples. Count
and sum have been pushed into Histogram.
- Added 95th percentile to reported stats.
release: 1 June 2011
- track sum in Metric and Distribution and derive mean
release: 19 May 2011
- fix StatsListener constructor to keep backwards compatibility
- better timers for Future
release: 17 May 2011
- CgiRequestHandler: Handle multiple CGI parameters correctly
release: 13 May 2011
- remove idea plugin
- fix bug in reporting metrics that may not exist
release: 9 May 2011
- Made -D option set system properties, too.
- Derived metrics (i.e. average, max, min, percentiles) are now exposed only when there are one or
more events in a metric's histogram.
- Added admin command "stats?namespace=<name>", which will report a named StatsListener.
- Removed old hooks for adding admin HTTP path handlers. You have to use the config fields in
AdminServiceConfig now.
- Added several GC-related counters & gauges to stats.
- Added support to the admin "server_info" command for two new build fields: current branch alias
and the last few commit summaries (requires standard-project >= 0.12.4).
- Improved documentation significantly.
release: 7 Apr 2011
- BackgroundProcess is no longer a Thread. It now contains a field "thread" which is the actual
- Added FanoutStatsCollection and LocalStatsCollection.
- Added StatsProvider#timeFutureMillis for timing util-core Future operations.
- Added -D option to RuntimeEnvironment arguments for custom arguments.
release: 3 Aug 2010
- Added manual setGauge and clearGauge to Stats.