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All notable changes to Xentica project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


0.2.0 - 2019-06-29


  • Core.
    • Disable nvcc compiler warnings.
  • Exceptions.
    • Raise exception when assigning to DeferredExpression.
    • Raise exception if Variable has no initial value.
  • QA.
    • Disable faulty pylint issues.
    • Raise max locals limit for pylint.
    • Remove PyPy3 from supported versions.
  • Refactoring.
    • Change Constant API to rid of eval.
    • Move DeferredExpression to separate module.
    • Move code generation to CellularAutomaton.__init__
    • Change Constant defining mechanism.


  • Core.
    • Add TotalisticRuleProperty.
    • Add RandomProperty.
    • Add FloatVariable.
    • Add long int to supported types.
    • Add BscaDetectorMixin to Property.
    • Add Parameter class.
    • Integrate parameters to core engine.
    • Add meta-params population from Experiment class.
    • Implement interactive parameters.
    • Add validation for field's dimensionality.
  • Seeds.
    • Add ChainedPattern functionality.
    • Add support for RandInt in mixed expressions.
    • Add option to RandInt making it constant.
  • Tools.
    • Add package.
    • Add color conversion helpers module (tools.color).
      • Basic HSV to RGB conversion.
      • Genome coloring: positional and modular methods.
    • Add math functions wrappers (tools.xmath)
      • Min / max functions over a number of arguments.
      • Float / int type casting.
      • Counting a number of non-zero bits in integer (popc).
    • Add CA rules helpers (tools.rules).
      • Convert Golly nonation to integer.
      • Convert integer to Golly notation.
    • Add genome manipulation helpers (tools.genetics).
      • Crossover several genomes in stochastic way.
      • Mutation during genomes' crossover.
  • Examples.
    • Add EvoLife example model.
    • Add NoiseTV example model.
  • Tests.
    • Implement full test suite with tox.
    • Add test for broad bit width.
    • Add test for RendererPlain class.
    • Add test for illegal assign to DeferredExpression.
    • Add test for Variable without init value.
    • Add tests for Lifelike rules helpers.
    • Add test for code property.
    • Add tests for core.variables coverage.
    • Add tests for tools.xmath module.
  • Documentation.
    • Add separate section for testing.
    • Add core.expressions to docs.
  • Miscellaneous.
    • Add NoiseTV and EvoLife to benchmark.


  • Major fixes.
    • Fix augmented assigns to properties and variables.
    • Fix direct assignments to variables.
    • Fix variables names in declarations.
    • Fix variable's fallback name.
    • Fix BscaDetectorMixin.
    • Fix ColorEffect.
    • Fix dtype/ctype usage in CellularAutomaton class.
  • Minor fixes.
    • Remove unnecessary conditions.
    • Fix default field size.
    • Fix minor codestyle issues.
    • Fix typos and grammar in docs.
    • Fix imports in examples.

0.1.1 - 2018-07-24


  • Optimization.
    • Optimize BigBang/PrimordialSoup seed generation.
  • Examples.
    • Add Shifting Sands example.
  • Refactoring.
    • Make some private properties public.
    • Rename LocalRandom streams.
    • Add properties getter to ContainerProperty.
    • Move GPU stuff to separate classes.
    • Decompose BSCA class creation into smaller methods.
    • Move core.topology.mixins to core.mixins.


  • QA.
    • Add pylint config.
    • Add pylint run script.
  • Tests.
    • Add test for non-uniform buffer interactions.
    • Add test for unset viewport.


  • Major fixes.
    • Fix direct buffer assignments.
    • Fix property assignments.
    • Fix direct Variable assignments.
  • Minor fixes.
    • Fix Lattice.index_to_coord()
    • Fix Experiment.seed.generate() arguments.
    • Fix RandInt to generate NumPy arrays.
  • Refactoring.
    • Fix most of pylint issues through the code.
  • Tests.
    • Fix BigBang/PrimordialSoup tests.
    • Fix checksums in tests.
  • Miscellaneous.
    • Fix typos in docstrings.

0.1.0 - 2018-05-05


  • Base functionality.
    • Translate Python functions describing CA logic into CUDA C.
    • Evolve CA step by step, using resulting GPU kernels.
    • Render the current CA state into 2D NumPy array for subsequent visualization.
    • Save and load current CA state.
  • Multi-dimensional CA topologies.
    • N-dimensional orthogonal lattice.
    • N-dimensional cases of Moore and Von Neumann neighborhoods.
    • Wrap the board into N-torus.
    • Surround the board by static cells.
  • CA inner logic.
    • Multiple integer 'properties' per each cell state.
    • Buffered interaction between neighbors.
    • Lazy read access and deferred write access to GPU memory.
    • Packing and unpacking cell's state into raw bit sequence.
    • Mixed values in expressions with variables/properties.
  • Rendering.
    • Computed colors per each cell.
    • 'Moving average' color effect, for smoother visualization.
    • Projection into 2D plain from higher dimensions.
  • Experiments.
    • Experiment classes describing initial state and meta-parameters.
    • Independent deterministic RNG stream per each CA.
    • 'Big Bang' and 'Primordial Soup' initial random patterns.
  • Bridge with Moire GUI.
  • Tests.
    • 100% code coverage by unittests.
    • Performance check script.
  • Documentation.
    • Throughout API documentation via docstrings.
    • Sphinx configuration to automatically build and publish at Read The Docs.
    • Project overview.
    • Brief installation instructions.
    • Placeholder for tutorial.
  • Miscellaneous.
    • MIT License.
    • Readme.
    • Contributing Guidelines.
    • Code of Conduct
    • Changelog.