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Version 1.0

    Added shadow block to render
    Added Q hotkey for InstaDrop
    Shuffled default orientation of a few blocks (Still need to visit)
    Moved score variables intonewGame()
    Added BlockHistory and functionality to randomize the blocks better
    Added ShadowBlock
    Removed dropBlock(), rotateBlock(), and moveBlock()
    Created performBlockActions() handles all input and block transformations in one collision detections
    Implemented scoring (still need to award points for soft and hard drops)

 BUG Fix: corrected the lockBlock column error. When removing rows, the top row ended up with a reference pointer to a single row, this in turn caused a column to form when a block was added to the row which caused a column to form to the top. Used the .splice(0) method on assignment to copy the rows down.

 PossibleBug: Inadvertantly created the famous infinity rotation feature
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1 parent 1fd3a0d commit cb0e4fe7ad881a3aac2c17c772785d9715c3e095 @a727891 committed May 17, 2013
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