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This is a repository where I put all the small projects I work on. More information to follow soon.

About the projects

Here are a short descriptions of the projects from this repository. More details in the README file of every project

(1) Webmaps

There are two webmap mini-projects:

(a) The markers webmap - Creates a webmap of the USA and puts markers on it based on a given csv file. The markers are colour-mapped, based on elevation of the point

(b) **The population world webmap** - A webmap of the world, showing countries borders and colour-mapping them based on population.

(2) Bookshop

A simple GUI that interacts with a bookshop database and allows to user to search for, insert or delete books

(3) Website blocker

It accesses the 'hosts' file on every machine in order to redirect specific websites to localhost.

(4) Image processing projects

A set of image processing mini-projects, mostly done using OpenCV


Every project is available under standard MIT licence. See LICENSE file for details.

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