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OpenSeaMap chart framework - an interative online chart
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Online chart for OpenSeaMap

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A new online chart based on OpenLayers 3, React, Redux and Bootstrap.

Online preview

Latest development state:

On our main server:


Want to work on this project? Check this steps to get your development environment running!

Clone the repository

Check the green button on the top to get a local copy of the repository.

Use with Docker and Docker Compose

No need to setup all stuff yourself! This repo provides a Dockerfile and a docker-compose.yml for a easy start:

Download and install Docker

You need:

Prepare the development environment

docker-compose build gulp

This will build a docker image with npm and all dependencies. The build will take some time. Grab a cup of tea. 🍵

Run the development environment

To start up the development build:

docker-compose up gulp

All files will compile in development mode (uncompressed with source maps). BrowserSync will serve up files to localhost:3000 and will stream live changes to the code and assets to all connected browsers. Don't forget about the additional BrowserSync tools available on localhost:3001!

Start to edit the files in src/ and watch the browser reloading!

If you removed or added files you may need to stop the container [hint: CTRL+C] and restart it.

If you add packages or change files in gulpfile.js don't forget to rebuild the container because all packages are installed and cached inside.

More targets

docker-compose run lint

Runs the lint scripts and exits.

docker-compose run test

Builds and runs all tests.

docker-compose up demo

Builds the project in release mode and serves them to localhost:5000.

Use directly with npm

You can use for own install of npm. See gulpfile.babel.js/ for details.

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