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Noclip mod for the game Firewatch
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Noclip mod for the game Firewatch. This mod lets you fly around and get to areas that are unreachable during normal gameplay.


Click any of the images to check a video showing the mod in action.

How to Install

Download the DLL from the releases tab and place it in the game instalation folder
(usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Firewatch\firewatch_Data\Managed).
To remove the mod simply delete the replaced DLL and ask Steam to verify the game's integrity, downloading back the original file.


Unity3D uses a Left-Handed coordinate system, here are the buttons to change your axes in-game.

Key Action
NumLock Enable/Disable noclip
PageUp/PageDown Increase/Decrease your X position(right/left)
Home/End Increase/Decrease your Y Position(up/down)
Insert/Delete Increase/Decrease your Z Position(forward/back)


This repository contains my own modifications to the game Firewatch, no original source code is being shown, only adittions to existing classes.

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