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Local multiplayer game themed after the Amnesia Open Bar, UFSC's Computer Science party.


Amnesia Brawl in single-screen platform fighting video game where you control Amnésia Open Bar's mascot while trying to squash other player's head and at the same time preventing yourself from being squashed.


How to Play

To play the game you can download directly from or from the 'Releases' tab, or compile it yourself using the Makefile provided.


  1. Download the latest release in the 'Releases' tab located in this repository.
  2. Extract the zip file to your prefered location.
  3. Install the SFML and Box2D libraries from their respective websites (or through your favorite package manager).
  4. Execute the binary file.


  1. Follow the same steps as the Linux instructions except for the libraries instalation.
  2. Execute the amnesia.exe file and Enjoy!

If you choose to compile the game yourself here is the download link to the audio files since they are not included in the repository. After downloading the zip extract the audio folder to game/media folder. These files are included if you download the game from the 'Releases tab so there is no need to download it again.


Game supports 2 to 4 players and currently has 3 maps.

P1 - AD for movement and W for jump.
P2 - Left and Right arrows for movement and Up arrow for jump.
P3 - F and H for movement and T for jump.
P4 - J and L for movement and I for jump.

For any controller player:
D-Pad for movement and A (X) for Jump


The game currently has 5 powerups represented by the drinks served at the party:

  1. Invisibility - Tequila
  2. Speed - Açaí
  3. RAGE MODE (Immunity + death on touch) - Vodka
  4. Float mode - Absinto
  5. Immunity - Beer


Assets taken from Songs edited by me, taken from