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Debug and Noclip mode for FAR: Lone Sails game
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This mod restores the developer's original debug mode and provides camera movement options to explore the game from other angles.


Click any thumbnail below to watch a video demonstration.


How to Install

Download the DLL from the releases tab and replace the original in the game instalation folder.
(default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FAR Lone Sails\Game\FarLoneSails_Data\Managed).
To remove the mod simply delete the replaced DLL and ask Steam to verify the game's integrity, downloading back the original file.


Debug mode

Hotkey Action
F1 Refill energy
F4 Update weather
F5 Toggle level helpers
F6 Toggle gizmos
F7 Toggle cover
F8 Toggle visual mode
Shift+N Force Quick Save
Shift+M Force Quick Load
Shift+J Force damage front wheel
Shift+K Force vehicle break apart event
Shift+C Force credits roll
Shift+I Force reset vehicle


Hotkey Action
Numlock Toggle noclip mode
Scroll wheel up Increase FOV
Scroll wheel down Reduce FOV
Home/End Forwards/Backwards
Del/Page Down Left/Right
Insert/Page Up Down/Up
Keypad0 Hold for increased camera speed
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