RSS bot for Telegram channels. Configured to watch game development related feeds.
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GameDev channel on Telegram, updated hourly with the best gamedev websites content.


Click the image below to preview the channel on your browser.


This bot can be repurposed to parse any type of RSS feeds you want, just modify the websites.txt file and environment variables in


This bot was designed to collect new RSS posts from the last hour and post them together at the minute 0, to prevent the updates from flooding your Telegram and to group them at nice hourly updates.
To accomplish that there are two python-telegram-bot's jobs. The first job is the parse_job, it runs minutes prior (currently 3) to buffer the new entries.
The message_job is scheduled after the parse, it runs after it. This delay is governed by the env var GDC_BUFFER.
Current settings are minute 57 for the parse job and 3 minutes (GDC_BUFFER=180) for the message_job.


To include new RSS feeds to the channel open a pull request and edit the bot/websites.txt file located in the repository. At the Pull Request description include examples of great material that the site has produced and why it is a great gamedev resource.