Docker image to export and deploy Godot Engine games. Includes examples using GitLab CI
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Docker image to deploy Godot Engine games

Docker Hub

Usage example

A .gitlab-ci.yml is included in this project as a usage example.
After adapting the paths and names according to your project needs you will need the following Variable set in GitLab for this image to work:

Variable Description Example
$REMOTE_URL The git remote where the web export will be hosted (in this case GitHub), it should contain your deploy/personal access token https://<github username>:<deploy token><username>/<repository>.git

Others variables are set automatically by the gitlab-runner
The included gitlab-ci.yml is set to only run the export jobs when you commit a new git tag, i suggest not using "." or "," in your tag's name since it messes with Godot's export system and will lead to failed jobs.

Check other usage examples in these following projects: