Raycasting game engine
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multicaster pipeline status

Raycasting game engine.



This project uses GitLab CI to automatically create packaged zip files with all dependencies included from every commit sent. Follow instructions below to download and play:

  1. Visit the GitLab CI page and find the first occurrence of your operating system on the column name. Click the Download artifacts button on the right side of the same line.
  2. Extract the zip to your preffered location and start the executable.


  1. CI builds for windows in progress.
  2. glibc version 2.28 required for Linux (musl build pending)


Arch Linux

sudo pacman -S libsfml-dev tgui-git


  1. Download SFML 2.5.1 or later from website and tmgui.
  2. Place include, lib and bin folder together with src.
  3. scons and .\bin\multicaster.exe.