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Modified DLL to freely move the camera in Syberia 3.
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Syberia 3 NoClip

Modified DLL that uses Unity's API to move the camera.

Screenshots / Video

Click the images below to watch a video demo.

How to Install

Download the DLL from the releases tab and place it in the game's instalation folder
(usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Syberia3\Syberia3_Data\Managed).
To remove the mod simply delete the replaced DLL and ask Steam to verify the game's integrity, downloading back the original file.


Key Action
NumLock Activate/Disable mod
Home/End Forwards/Backwards
Del/PageDown Left/Right
Insert/PageUp Down/Up
RightCtrl Faster camera movement
Keypad +/- Increase/Decrease FOV
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