Yii Extension for the ZenDesk API
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Yii Extension for the ZenDesk API

Class Structure

  • token - API token set in config.
  • email - Email associated with zendesk account.
  • subdomain - Zendesk Subdomain assocated with account. (Example:foobar - http://foobar.zendesk.com)
  • baseUrl - User in curlWrap. Built from subdomain.
  • zenDeskUrl - Used to generate zendesk links.
  • statuses - Array of status options provided by zendesk.
  • init - Required for Yii CApplicationComponent lifecycle.
  • tickets - Returns Tickets - optional param added scope.
  • getTicket - Get ticket by ticket ID
  • users - Returns Users - optional param added scope.
  • getUserLink - Returns link for user account on zendesk.com
  • search - Builds param based search query from key value pair. (Uses Url Encoded json object)
  • findTicketsByEmailCriteria - Helper function which returns criteria for all tickets associated with email.
  • findUserByEmailCriteria - Helper function which returns criteria for all users associated with email.
  • curlWrap - Curl Wrapper for Curling ZenDesk API
  • separateTicketsByStatus - Helpers function for displaying tickers by status.