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WIP Vanilla Super Mario 64 Randomizer
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Mario64Randomizer v1.1 Fixed Issue with Saved Warps Apr 14, 2019
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Mario 64 Randomizer is program that Randomizes Warps, Objects, Music and even Mario's Clothes. Works with any Romhack and vanilla. It also includes a Sequence Randomizer (vanilla only for now).

How to Use it?

1-Open the Rom you want to randomize
2-Check all the settings that you would want to randomize (from Warps to Mario's Colors)
3-Click on Randomize
4-Save the Randomized rom and enjoy!

To fully enjoy the sequence randomizer (vanilla only), it's recommended to also download the .bps patch and apply it. It will remove any star requirements for the entire game

Current Version Notes

Vanilla Patch:
BBH is a warp located where the Buddy Boo with the Cage was
BitFS is now a warp located against a wall in the DDD / BitFS corridor

Credits & Support

aglab2 (Discord: aglab2#6619)

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