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This project contains all evaluation-related files for the OpenSSL case study using the variability-aware C refactoring engine Morpheus.

Installation and Usage

To run this case study a version of Morpheus is required. See the project page for installation notes.

Run the Evaluation

If you want to start the OpenSSL evaluation of the refactoring engine Morpheus. First we need to generate the requiered .tunit files by manipulating the makefile:

cd openssl
sed -i.bak s+^CC=.*+"CC= $(pwd)/mygcc"+g Makefile
cd ..

Afterwards run to create the required .interface and .pr files. Now you can edit to choose your desired refactoring method: rename, extract- or inline function and subsequently run ./ to execute the evalution.

Run the experimental GUI

In order to show a GUI and refactor a single file of this case study "ide-like" generate the requiered .tunit files explained before and execute ./ <file/to/refactor>.

Good luck. In case of problems contact me.

This case study is published as open source under LGPL 3.0. See LICENSE. The included source code of OpenSSL is published as open source. See LICENSE for details.