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If you read this file _as_is_, just ignore the funny characters you
see. It is written in the POD format (see perlpod manpage) which is
specially designed to be readable as is.
=head1 NAME
perldgux - Perl under DG/UX.
One can read this document in the following formats:
man perldgux
view perl perldgux
explorer perldgux.html
info perldgux
to list some (not all may be available simultaneously), or it may
be read I<as is>: as F<README.dgux>.
perldgux - Perl under DG/UX.
- Non-threaded Case
- Threaded Case
- Testing
- Installing the built perl
Perl 5.7/8.x for DG/UX ix86 R4.20MU0x
=head2 Non-threaded Perl on DG/UX
Just run ./Configure script from the top directory.
Then give "make" to compile.
=head2 Threaded Perl on DG/UX
If you are using as compiler GCC-2.95.x rev(DG/UX)
an easy solution for configuring perl in your DG/UX
machine is to run the command:
./Configure -Dusethreads -Duseithreads -Dusedevel -des
This will automatically accept all the defaults and
in particular /usr/local/ as installation directory.
Note that GCC-2.95.x rev(DG/UX) knows the switch
-pthread which allows it to link correctly DG/UX's
-lthread library.
If you want to change the installation directory or
have a standard DG/UX with C compiler GCC-2.7.2.x
then you have no choice than to do an interactive
build by issuing the command:
./Configure -Dusethreads -Duseithreads
In particular with GCC-2.7.2.x accept all the defaults
and *watch* out for the message:
Any additional ld flags (NOT including libraries)? [ -pthread]
Instead of -pthread put here -lthread. CGCC-2.7.2.x
that comes with the DG/UX OS does NOT know the -pthread
switch. So your build will fail if you choose the defaults.
After configuration is done correctly give "make" to compile.
=head2 Testing Perl on DG/UX
Issuing a "make test" will run all the tests.
If the test lib/ftmp-security gives you as a result
something like
Parent directory (/tmp/) is not safe (sticky bit not set
when world writable?) at lib/ftmp-security.t line 100
don't panic and just set the sticky bit in your /tmp
directory by doing the following as root:
cd /
chmod +t /tmp (=set the sticky bit to /tmp).
Then rerun the tests. This time all must be OK.
=head2 Installing the built perl on DG/UX
Run the command "make install"
=head1 AUTHOR
Takis Psarogiannakopoulos
University of Cambridge
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Department of Pure Mathematics
Wilberforce road
Cambridge CB3 0WB , UK
email <takis@XFree86.Org>
=head1 SEE ALSO
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