A basic PHP Quizzing framework, originally made for Comfest.in
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This is the Quiz-node framework and is designed to manage user accounts and handle answers to questions in a secure way, so as to encourage 
fair-play between players and present the admin-specified hints in a custom manner.

The framework is free to use and distribute but must contain this file in the root folder of the framework.
If you have any queries, feel free to contact me at c0mmand0gr33n@gmail.com.


Please create a qn_assets folder after installation if not already created.
Also, your make sure that the nysqli/nd_nysqli and mysqlind PHP plugins are enabled. mysqlind gives a conflict error with mysqli, so you people would need to switch to nd_mysqli if available.


---- VERSION 0.05 ---- 1/9/16

1. Project started.
2. Empty files created.


---- VERSION 0.5 ---- 25/10/16

This is the release that contains all the features that were available in QuizArt CF 16.
Please edit the variable in the conf.php file in the qn_config folder according to the directions given.
Then run the installer php file as *your server*/installer.php
For example, my installer.php could be run as c0mmand0.in/installer.php
Please note that after completing the installation, you will need to delete the installer.php file.
Then, go to *your server*/Mod/Login to login with the administrator account. There you can create accounts for schools and add questions.
This is not an apt release for production purposes and is still a very early release. Much more features as well as an admin panel coming soon.

---- VERSION 0.51 ---- 25/10/16

The framework and all further versions are now distributed according to the GNU Public License V3 and a copy of the same has been added.

---- VERSION 0.52 ---- 27/10/16
Now the framework works with sub-folders as well. Edit the conf.php file according to the instructions given.
Aslo, if using a sub-folder, please edit the ex.htaccess file too, rename the .htaccess file to something else and then, rename ex.htaccess to .htaccess
For example, if your website is hosted at http://qn.in/trial, the default configuration in ex.htaccess would work, for other folders, please replace "trial" with the path
Example: If your website is at http://qn.in/trial/2/, replace "trial" with "trial/2" in ex.htaccess and then rename the file to .htaccess. Please backup the .htaccess file by renaming it to something else before doing so.