a simple tool to run a script every time a file is updated
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very simple tool to turn any terminal into a IDE.

watchfile [file to look at] [command]

The file to look at could be anything. The same is for the command (for piped command use quotation marks).

for example:

watchfile script_im_writing.py python script_im_writing.py
#will run the script everytime it is saved

There are more complicated stuff that can be used with.

watchfile script_im_writing.py python script_im_writing.py input_file.txt
#will run as before but giving command line agruments
watchfile script_im_writing.py "python script_im_writing.py input_file.txt | head"
#will run as before but giving command line agruments and only show the top 10 lines of output
watchfile input_file.txt "python script_im_writing.py input_file.txt | head"
#will run when the input_file.txt gets updated

##install Make sure the script folder is in your path.