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Simple Trello console client (but with UI).





You can find built binaries for GNU/Linux, Windows and MacOS in the releases tab.

If you want to built the app by yourself, perform steps listed below:

  • Download and install golang
  • Set the GOPATH environment variable (set it to the folder, where you want to store go projects)
  • Download Trego via go get -u (needs git installed)
  • Create token.json file

Trego should be in the $GOPATH/bin directory.


Getting all of the necessary tokens is still a TODO feature. So, for now you have to get them manually and put them into the token.json file. First, you will need to get application key from here. Then you will have to generate your token. Go to this url:,write,account&key=YOURAPPKEY remember to replace the YOURAPPKEY with the key you got previously.

Now, create the token.json file and place it in the same directory as the Trego binary. Then, fill that file using the template below.

	"AppKey": "paste your key here",
	"Token": "paste your generated token here"