Item Info Script for Path of Exile
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PoE-ItemInfo grew out of smaller scripts. It is included in the even bigger PoE-TradeMacro (see "Links").

ItemInfo itself brings the following features:

  • Affix overview on all items, in particular:
    • Roll ranges and roll tier classification for rare/magic equipment
    • Roll ranges for uniques, flasks and jewels
  • Maps: infos such as the 3->1 vendor recipe result, bosses, layout and possible divination cards
    • Optional "Map Mod Warnings" when certain affixes are present
  • Divination Cards: drop locations
  • Gems: display the quality effect
  • Calculate chaos value of other currency items with ratios fetched from
  • Optional "Additional Macros" for fast hideout travel (via chat command), faster stash tab selection and more

Many of these features are user-adjustable in the settings menu or corresponding .ini files.


ItemInfo Forum Thread:
TradeMacro GitHub page:
TradeMacro Forum Thread:


A recent AutoHotkey version. You can get AutoHotkey from
Use the typical version which is v1.1.xx, do not use v2 from "Other Releases".

Known Issues

The script is not always right. Take it as a helper, not as dead certainty.

Essence mods are not marked in any way, so the script will treat them as a regular mod or mark them as unknown.
Crafted mods are marked ingame, but not in the data visible to the script. The script recognizes a few crafted mods, but will treat the majority as regular mods or mark them as unknown.


Foundations created by

Extended, updated and curated by Slinkston and Bahnzo from Oct 2015 - Apr 2016 (
Currently extended, updated and curated by aRTy42 and Eruyome (TradeMacro)


See AUTHORS.txt for contributor info.