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#JavaScript Resources

This is a repository for all the JavaScript resources that I have come across and believe are worth sharing and archiving. It will continue to grow with time, so check back frequently. Feel free to fork the project and contribute! So far, the project has been getting larger. I welcome contributions and some feedback regarding the divisions.



  • Mozilla JavaScript Guide
  • Dev Docs - JavaScript documentation that's handy like Dash. If you use Dash, then this will look familiar. Includes other documentation as well.


#Level Up


#Online IDEs

  • JS Bin
  • ES6 Fiddle - Play with ES6 in the browser (has examples too!)
  • Babel ES015 - Try out ES2015 and Babel in the browser
  • C9 - Full IDE
  • - Play with all sorts of languages online





#Object Oriented Programming

#Value and Reference



#ES6 Compliers

#Reactive Programming

#Frameworks (This is not nearly an exhaustive list of resources for JavaScript frameworks, but it points you to the main sites of the popular frameworks)

#Browser Packages


  • A good place to learn more about writing good code in all languages. Most of the people who comment on your code give good tips.
  • An excellent resource for coding challenges and practicing your problem solving and algorithmic skills. Featuring challenges in over 21 languages, including JavaScript.
  • Another great place to learn how to write better code and practice your problem solving with increasing levels of difficulty and various different languages.
  • - Gamification of writing code. Really fun!

#Working with Data

#Design Patterns

#Functional JS

#Object Oriented JS

#Useful Libraries






  • Regex101 My favorite RegEx site for testing
  • Regexper Visualize how your regular expression works




#Style Guides

#Responsive Webdesign (JS)


#Hybrid Languages

#Structured Curriculum

  • FreeCodeCamp A free, full-stack structured curriculum focusing entirely on JavaScript
  • From the makers of "Try Ruby", CodeSchool, comes a new introductory site for those wanting to get their feet wet in JS in an interactive fashion.
  • JavaScript the Wierd Parts - Udemy Course $ - Great course by Anthony Alicea for beginners and experienced programmers wanting to understand the intricacies of JS.



  • GeoJSON Linter - Nice linter for GeoJSON. Very good for checking basic GeoJSON quickly.
  • - Linter and better looking maps than GeoJSON, but more opinionated.