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How to Contribute

This whole project is about bringing others together to contribute and share code. We really, really want you to pitch in and help us build up a great base of code for all ArchestrA developers.

What can be contributed?

  • Any tool, script, or code that is useful to ArchestrA development is welcome.
  • Any programming language is welcome.

What license should be used?

Please use only the MIT License. This license is simple, straightforward, and allows use in commercial application with no fuss.

How can you contribute?

Existing Projects

  • Check out an existing project, try it out, and submit an issue.
  • If you have a solution, feel free to create a merge request and contribute back in to the code.

If you aren't comfortable with merge requests, give us a shout and let's walk through it together.

Check out Contributing to Open Source from GitHub to get a nice guide on how to get rolling with issues and pull requests.

New Projects

If you have code that is an entirely new project and is unrelated to any of our existing projects, you have two choices:

  1. Create your own repository under your own account and we'll add it to our Projects page.
  2. We can create a new repository under aaOpenSource for your code to live.

Either way, create a new issue here and we'll take care of it!

ArchestrA Objects

If your project contains an ArchestrA object, please do the nice thing and export the contents to a version-control friendly format in addition to the binary object export.

We'd prefer if you use the aaTemplateExtract project to generate an XML output of your templates.

GRAccess and MXAccess

Please be conscious of licensing restrictions of these toolkits (and any other toolkit you might use) and do not check these into GitHub. If you use .gitignore correctly, they will be prevented from being checked in. We will not include any project that includes these toolkits in the repository.

Binary Builds

Do not check any binary builds of executable or libraries. Just the source code, please.