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SRS Template

Initial forms mockup -

1 2

  • First

    • In the first form the user will have to enter the text for which they have to auto generate!
    • Next they will add all the placeholders for the text which will be changed
    • On generate the second form will be displayed
  • Second

    • In this a table control will be there where columns are mapped to the placeholders they added in the previous form
    • The user will have to add number of rows which they want (all these adding controls will be in the menubar)
    • And from this form they can generate the automated text

List of features

  • Generate numbers ( n1 to n2)
  • Generate alphabets (a-z or A-Z or a-Z or c1 to c2 to generalize)
  • Generate from list of files
  • Generate from a text file (each line mapping to a row)
  • Insert from a dialog (, or any other delimeter seperated text)

Where this can be used

  • Making some automated text in generic code (like a keyboard or some big if condition ladder)
  • Generating image gallery in HTML
  • To generate some python scripts (like mass email sending) [Not inefficient python prog this would be, but can be an application]


  • V1 to include this standalone program
  • V2 to include plugin for IntelliJ
  • V3 to include plugin for atom text editor
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