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Copyright (C) 2013,2014 Wei Dong <>. All Rights Reserved.
#define KGRAPH_VALUE_TYPE float
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <cctype>
#include <random>
#include <iomanip>
#include <type_traits>
#include <boost/timer/timer.hpp>
#include <boost/tr1/random.hpp>
#include <boost/format.hpp>
#include <boost/program_options.hpp>
#include "kgraph.h"
#include "kgraph-data.h"
using namespace std;
using namespace boost;
using namespace boost::timer;
using namespace kgraph;
namespace po = boost::program_options;
typedef KGRAPH_VALUE_TYPE value_type;
int main (int argc, char *argv[]) {
string data_path;
string input_path;
string output_path;
unsigned prune;
unsigned D;
unsigned skip;
unsigned gap;
bool lshkit = true;
po::options_description desc_visible("General options");
("help,h", "produce help message.")
("data", po::value(&data_path), "input path")
("input", po::value(&input_path), "input index path")
("output", po::value(&output_path), "output index path")
("prune", po::value(&prune)->default_value(PRUNE_LEVEL_1 & PRUNE_LEVEL_2), "prune level")
po::options_description desc_hidden("Expert options");
("dim,D", po::value(&D), "dimension, see format")
("skip", po::value(&skip)->default_value(0), "see format")
("gap", po::value(&gap)->default_value(0), "see format")
("raw", "read raw binary file, need to specify D.")
po::options_description desc("Allowed options");
po::positional_options_description p;
p.add("data", 1);
p.add("input", 1);
p.add("output", 1);
po::variables_map vm;
po::store(po::command_line_parser(argc, argv).options(desc).positional(p).run(), vm);
if (vm.count("raw") == 1) {
lshkit = false;
if (vm.count("help")
|| vm.count("input") == 0) {
cout << "Usage: prune [OTHER OPTIONS]... DATA INPUT [OUTPUT]" << endl;
cout << desc_visible << endl;
cout << desc_hidden << endl;
return 0;
if (lshkit) {
static const unsigned LSHKIT_HEADER = 3;
ifstream is(data_path.c_str(), ios::binary);
unsigned header[LSHKIT_HEADER]; /* entry size, row, col */ *)header, sizeof header);
BOOST_VERIFY(header[0] == sizeof(value_type));
D = header[2];
skip = LSHKIT_HEADER * sizeof(unsigned);
gap = 0;
Matrix<value_type> data;
data.load(data_path, D, skip, gap);
MatrixOracle<value_type, metric::l2sqr> oracle(data);
KGraph *kgraph = KGraph::create(); //(oracle, params, &info);
auto_cpu_timer timer;
kgraph->prune(oracle, prune);
if (output_path.size()) {
delete kgraph;
return 0;
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