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Adding a parameter SearchParams::S which is the online
equivalence of IndexParams::S. At search time, all
neighbors or a neighbor are visited at the same time
in the original algorithm. With the new behavior,
neighbors are visited in batches of SearchParams::S.
k-NN working list: a b c d e [f] g
[l m n] o p q
we are at entry f, and visiting it's first batch of
neighbors l, m and n. Suppose m and n are actually
better than f and g, the working space will become
a b c d e [m] n
We'll then directly move on to check m's neighbors,
as apposed to finish checking f's neighbors o p and q.
Default is set to default_s = 10 which is the same for
Enabling edge reversing for better search performance.
The original index is the exact k-NN graph, and has

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