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Interactive-Installation/交互装置设计(Spring 2017)

@ New Media Program, WPP school. Shanghai Art and Design Academy

Key Info

  • by Aven Le Zhou, adjunct professor

  • Monday,9:00am-12:00pm

  • Studio of New Media Program

Week01 Introduction and Reviews 02/27/2017

Week02 Button Status & Keypress & ControlP5 03/06/2017

Week03 Leap Motion Introduction& Drawing 03/13/2017

Week04 Leap Motion Tracking 03/20/2017

Week05 Q & A 03/27/2017

Week06 Pixels 04/1/2017

This is a make up class for 04/03/2017 due to Qing-ming festival break

Week07 Webcam pixel manipulation 04/10/2017

Week08 Color tracking 04/17/2017

Week09 Kinect Introduction 04/24/2017

Week09 Class Cancelled 05/01/2017

Week11 Kinect with DepthImage and PointClouds 05/08/2017

Week12 Kinect with Particle 05/15/2017

Week13 Kinect with Physical Libraries 05/22/2017

Week14 Kinect with Skeleton Tracking 05/27/2017

Week15 Final Project Development 05/31/2017

Week16 Final Project Development 06/01/2017

Week17 Final Project Presentation 06/02/2017