Dump redis databases, load data into redis - in Python
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Dumps Redis data sets into a format suitable for long-term storage
(currently JSON) and loads data from such dump files back into Redis.

redis-dump (https://github.com/delano/redis-dump) was there first, but
it is written in Ruby.

The output format is intended to be compatible with redis-dump.


redis-dump-load may be used as a module and also as a command-line tool.

To use it as a module, import it in your program and use the pickle-like
interface: load, loads, dump, dumps. load and dump will stream the data.

To use it as a command-line tool, execute the script. If the basename of
the script contains the word "load", the operating mode will be set to
load data; otherwise the mode will be to dump data. -l may be used to
change the mode to load regardless of what the script is called.

Example hardlink shortcuts:

ln redisdl.py redis-dump
ln redisdl.py redis-load

Symlinks work equally well.


 - redis-py (https://github.com/andymccurdy/redis-py);
 - json.

json is part of Python standard library as of 2.6.