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Standard web interface to Logworm logs
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Logworm Monitor

Logworm Monitor is an out-of-the-box web site for monitoring activity on your Logworm log.

Logworm Monitor is monitoring itself at


Logworm is a feature-rich system for logging, storing, and analyzing arbitrary data from your Heroku or EC2 hosted application.
Logworm provides multiple ways to interact with your log data: the lw-tail console application, the Logworm website console, and the Logworm API.

Logworm Monitor bridges the gap between viewing individual log tables with lw-tail and the web console and writing a custom website on top of the API. Logworm Monitor generates a standard site for monitoring your log tables in real-time, backed by the Logworm API. AJAX drives live updates to the site as new activity is delivered by the API.

The Logworm Monitor site is generated from a configuration file, which presents data from the default web_log table out of the box. Custom views of data from other tables can be placed on the site by adding to the configuration file.

The initial version of Logworm Monitor is plain, if not ugly. Contributions are gladly accepted; hopefully, there will eventually be a variety of different styles available for use.


The initial release of Logworm doesn't support authentication. Though the example site runs on the web, doing so without authentication is not recommended in general.

Logworm Monitor needs credentials to your Logworm logs. Either copy the .logworm file to the Logworm Monitor directory, or set the LOGWORM_URL environment variable. To run Logworm Monitor, run

rackup -p 9292

and navigate to http://localhost:9292/


The config.yml file contains descriptions of collections. Each collection is a view of a subset of data from a log table, as determined by requested fields and specified conditions.

The Logworm Monitor index page presents recent activity from all of the collections.
Viewing an individual request shows each collection's log data for that request.

A collection is specified as follows: - name: get_requests singular: get_request table: web_log summary: ["%s %s - %s %s", request_method, request_path, response_status, profiling] fields: [_request_id, request_method, request_path, input, response_status, profiling] conditions: - request_method: GET

summary and conditions are optional.

summary is specified in the sprintf format.


Logworm Monitor is built on Sinatra. Templates are built with Mustache.

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