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		  Kerberos Version 5, Release 1.3.2

			    Release Notes
			The MIT Kerberos Team

Unpacking the Source Distribution

The source distribution of Kerberos 5 comes in a gzipped tarfile,
krb5-1.3.2.tar.gz.  Instructions on how to extract the entire
distribution follow.

If you have the GNU tar program and gzip installed, you can simply do:

	gtar zxpf krb5-1.3.2.tar.gz

If you don't have GNU tar, you will need to get the FSF gzip
distribution and use gzcat:

	gzcat krb5-1.3.2.tar.gz | tar xpf -

Both of these methods will extract the sources into krb5-1.3.2/src and
the documentation into krb5-1.3.2/doc.

Building and Installing Kerberos 5

The first file you should look at is doc/; it contains
the notes for building and installing Kerberos 5.  The info file has the same information in info file format.  You
can view this using the GNU emacs info-mode, or by using the
standalone info file viewer from the Free Software Foundation.  This
is also available as an HTML file, install.html.

Other good files to look at are and,
which contain the system administrator's guide, and the user's guide,
respectively.  They are also available as info files and, respectively.  These files are
also available as HTML files.

If you are attempting to build under Windows, please see the
src/windows/README file.

Reporting Bugs

Please report any problems/bugs/comments using the krb5-send-pr
program.  The krb5-send-pr program will be installed in the sbin
directory once you have successfully compiled and installed Kerberos
V5 (or if you have installed one of our binary distributions).

If you are not able to use krb5-send-pr because you haven't been able
compile and install Kerberos V5 on any platform, you may send mail to

You may view bug reports by visiting

and logging in as "guest" with password "guest".

Major changes in 1.3.2

* [2040, 1471, 2067, 2077, 2079, 2166, 2167, 2220] Support for AES in
  GSSAPI has been implemented.  This corresponds to the in-progress
  work in the IETF (CFX).

* [2049, 2139, 2148, 2153, 2182, 2183, 2184, 2190, 2202] Added a new
  ccache type "MSLSA:" for read-only access to the MS Windows LSA

* [982] On windows, krb5.exe now has a checkbox to request addressless

* [2189, 2234] To avoid compatibility problems, unrecognized TGS
  options will now be ignored.  Thanks to Wyllys Ingersoll for finding
  a problem with a previous fix.

* [2218] 128-bit AES has been added to the default enctypes.

* [2223, 2229] AES cryptosystem now chains IVs.  This WILL break
  backwards compatibility for the kcmd applications, if they are using
  AES session keys.  Thanks to Wyllys Ingersoll for finding a problem
  with a previous fix.

Minor changes in 1.3.2

* [1437] Applied patch from Stephen Grau so kinit returns non-zero
  status under certain failure conditions where it had previously
  returned zero.

* [1586] On Windows, the krb4 CREDENTIALS structure has been changed
  to align with KfW's version of the structure.

* [1613] Applied patch from Dave Shrimpton to avoid truncation of
  dates output from the kadmin CLI when long time zone names are

* [1622] krshd no longer calls syslog from inside a signal handler, in
  an effort to avoid deadlocks on exit.

* [1649] A com_err test program compiles properly on Darwin now.

* [1692] A new configuration file tag "master_kdc" has been added to
  allow master KDCs to be designated separately from admin servers.

* [1702] krb5_get_host_realm() and krb5_free_host_realm() are no
  longer marked as KRB5_PRIVATE.

* [1711] Applied patch from Harry McGavran Jr to allow fake-addrinfo.h
  to compile on libc5 Linux platforms.

* [1712] Applied patch from Cesar Garcia to fix lifetime computation
  in krb524 ticket conversion.

* [1714] Fixed a 64-bit endianness bug in ticket starttime encoding in
  krb524d.  Found by Cesar Garcia.

* [1715] kadmind4 and v5passwdd are no longer installed on Mac OS X.

* [1718] The krb4 library configure script now recognizes
  OpenDarwin/x86.  Bug found by Rob Braun.

* [1721] krb5_get_init_creds_password() no longer returns a spurious
  KRB5_REALM_UNKNOWN if DNS SRV record support is turned off.

* [1730] krb_mk_auth() no longer overzealously clears the key

* [1731] A double-free related to reading forwarded credentials has
  been fixed.  Found by Joseph Galbraith.

* [1770] Applied patch from Maurice Massar to fix a foreachaddr()
  problem that was causing the KDC to segfault on startup.

* [1790] The Linux build uses $(CC) to create shared libraries,
  avoiding a libgcc problem when building libdb.

* [1792] The lib/kadm5 unit tests now work around a Solaris 9
  pty-close bug.

* [1793] The test suite works around some Tru64 and Irix RPATH
  issues, which previously could prevent tests from running on a build
  with shared libraries enabled.

* [1799] kadmind supports callouts to the Apple password server.

* [1893] KRB-SAFE messages from older releases can now be read
  successfully.  Prior 1.3.x releases did not save the encoded
  KRB-SAFE message, and experienced problems when re-encoding.  Found
  by Scooter Morris.

* [1962] MS LSA tickets with short remaining lifetimes will be
  rejected in favor of retrieving tickets bypassing the LSA cache.

* [1973] sendto_kdc.c now closes sockets with closesocket() instead of
  close(), avoiding a descriptor leak on Windows.

* [1979] An erroneously short initial sequence number mask has been

* [2028] KfW now displays a kinit dialog when GSS fails to find

* [2051] Missing exports have been added to krb4_32.def on Windows.

* [2058] Some problems with krb4 ticket lifetime backdating have

* [2060] GSSAPI's idea of the default ccache is less sticky now.

* [2068] The profile library includes prof-int.h before conditionals
  that rely on it.

* [2084] The resolver library is no longer referenced by library code
  if not building with DNS SRV record support.

* [2085] Updated Windows README file to reflect current compliation
  requirements, etc.

* [2104] On Windows, only define strcasecmp and strncasecmp
  replacement macros if said functions are missing.

* [2106] Return an error for unimplemented ccache functions, rather
  than calling through a null pointer.

* [2118] Applied patch from Will Fiveash to use correct parameter for
  KDC TCP listening sockets.

* [2144,2230] Memory management errors in the Windows gss.exe test
  client have been fixed.

* [2171] krb5_locate_kpasswd() now correctly calls htons() on the
  kpasswd port number.  Found by Arlene Berry.

* [2180] The profile library now includes pthread.h when compiled with

* [2181, 2224] A timeout has been added to gss-server, and a missing
  parameter to sign_server() has been added.

* [2196] config.{guess,sub} have been updated from autoconf-2.59.

* [2204] Windows gss.exe now has support for specifying credentials
  cache, as well as some minor bugfixes.

* [2210] GSSAPI accept_sec_context() no longer unconditionally sets
  INTEG and CONF flags in contradiction to what the initiator sent.

* [2212] The GSS sample application has some additional options to
  support testing of SSPI vs GSSAPI.

* [2217] Windows gss.exe has new UI elements to support more flag

* [2225] In the gss sample client, some extraneous parameters have
  been removed from client_establish_context().

* [2228] Copyright notices updated in GSS sample apps.

* [2233] On Windows compiles with KRB5_KFW_COMPILE, the lib path for
  krbcc32.lib is now correct.

* [2195, 2236, 2241, 2245] The Solaris 9 pty-close bug, which was
  affecting the test suite, has been worked around by hacking
  scheduler priorities.  See the installation notes for details.
  Thanks to Bill Sommerfeld for some useful hints.

Notes, Major Changes, and Known Bugs for 1.3.1

* [1681] The incorrect encoding of the ETYPE-INFO2 preauthentication
  hint is no longer emitted, and the both the incorrect and the
  correct encodings of ETYPE-INFO2 are now accepted.  We STRONGLY
  encourage deploying krb5-1.3.1 in preference to 1.3, especially on
  client installations, as the 1.3 release did not conform to the
  internet-draft for the revised Kerberos protocol in its encoding of

* [1683] The non-caching getaddrinfo() API on Mac OS X, which was
  causing significant slowdowns under some circumstances, has been
  worked around.

Minor changes in 1.3.1

* [1015] gss_accept_sec_context() now passes correct arguments to
  TREAD_STR() when reading options beyond the forwarded credential
  option.  Thanks to Emily Ratliff.

* [1365] The GSSAPI initiator credentials are no longer cached inside
  the GSSAPI library.

* [1651] A buffer overflow in krb_get_admhst() has been fixed.

* [1655] krb5_get_permitted_enctypes() and krb5_set_real_time() are
  now exported for use by Samba.

* [1656] gss_init_sec_context() no longer leaks credentials under some
  error conditions.

* [1657] krb_get_lrealm() no longer returns "ATHENA.MIT.EDU"

* [1664] The crypto library no longer has bogus dependencies on

* [1665] krb5_init_context() no longer multiply registers error tables
  when called more than once, preventing a memory leak.

* [1666] The GSS_C_NT_* symbols are now exported from gssapi32.dll on

* [1667] ms2mit now imports any tickets with supported enctypes, and
  does not import invalid tickets.

* [1677] krb5_gss_register_acceptor_identity() no longer has an
  off-by-one in its memory allocation.

* [1679] krb5_principal2salt is now exported on all platforms.

* [1684] The file credentials cache is now supported if USE_CCAPI is
  defined, i.e., for KfM and KfW.

* [1691] Documentation for the obsolete kdc_supported_enctypes config
  variable has been removed.

Notes, Major Changes, and Known Bugs for 1.3

* We now install the compile_et program, so other packages can use the
  installed com_err library with their own error tables.  (If you use
  our com_err code, that is; see below.)

* The header files we install now assume ANSI/ISO C ('89, not '99).
  We have stopped testing on SunOS 4, even with gcc.  Some of our code
  now has C89-based assumptions, like free(NULL) being well defined,
  that will probably frustrate any attempts to run this code under SunOS
  4 or other pre-C89 systems.

* Some new code, bug fixes, and cleanup for IPv6 support.  Most of the
  code should support IPv6 transparently now.  The RPC code (and
  therefore the admin system, which is based on it) does not yet
  support IPv6.  The support for Kerberos 4 may work with IPv6 in very
  limited ways, if the address checking is turned off.  The FTP client
  and server do not have support for the new protocol messages needed
  for IPv6 support (RFC 2428).

* We have upgraded to autoconf 2.52 (or later), and the syntax for
  specifying certain configuration options have changed.  For example,
  autoconf 2.52 configure scripts let you specify command-line options
  like "configure CC=/some/path/foo-cc", so we have removed some of
  our old options like --with-cc in favor of this approach.

* The client libraries can now use TCP to connect to the KDC.  This
  may be necessary when talking to Microsoft KDCs (domain controllers),
  if they issue you tickets with lots of PAC data.

* If you have versions of the com_err or ss installed locally, you can
  use the --with-system-et and --with-system-ss configure options to
  use them rather than using the versions supplied here.  Note that
  the interfaces are assumed to be similar to those we supply; in
  particular, some older, divergent versions of the com_err library
  may not work with the krb5 sources.  Many configure-time variables
  can be used to help the compiler and linker find the installed
  packages; see the build documentation for details.

* The AES cryptosystem has been implemented.  However, support in the
  Kerberos GSSAPI mechanism has not been written (or even fully
  specified), so it's not fully enabled.  See the documentation for

Major changes listed by ticket ID

* [492] PRNG breakage on 64-bit platforms no longer an issue due to
  new PRNG implementation.

* [523] Client library is now compatible with the RC4-based
  cryptosystem used by Windows 2000.

* [709] krb4 long lifetime support has been implemented.

* [880] krb5_gss_register_acceptor_identity() implemented (is called
  gsskrb5_register_acceptor_identity() by Heimdal).

* [1087] ftpd no longer requires channel bindings, allowing easier use
  of ftp from behind a NAT.

* [1156, 1209] It is now possible to use the system com_err to build
  this release.

* [1174] TCP support added to client library.

* [1175] TCP support added to the KDC, but is disabled by default.

* [1176] autoconf-2.5x is now required by the build system.

* [1184] It is now possible to use the system Berkeley/Sleepycat DB
  library to build this release.

* [1189, 1251] The KfM krb4 library source base has been merged.

* [1190] The default KDC master key type is now triple-DES.  KDCs
  being updated may need their config files updated if they are not
  already specifying the master key type.

* [1190] The default ticket lifetime and default maximum renewable
  ticket lifetime have been extended to one day and one week,

* [1191] A new script, k5srvutil, may be used to manipulate keytabs in
  ways similar to the krb4 ksrvutil utility.

* [1281] The "fakeka" program, which emulates the AFS kaserver, has
  been integrated.  Thanks to Ken Hornstein.

* [1343] The KDC now defaults to not answering krb4 requests.

* [1344] Addressless tickets are requested by default now.

* [1372] There is no longer a need to create a special keytab for
  kadmind.  The legacy administration daemons "kadmind4" and
  "v5passwdd" will still require a keytab, though.

* [1377, 1442, 1443] The Microsoft set-password protocol has been
  implemented.  Thanks to Paul Nelson.

* [1385, 1395, 1410] The krb4 protocol vulnerabilities
  [MITKRB5-SA-2003-004] have been worked around.  Note that this will
  disable krb4 cross-realm functionality, as well as krb4 triple-DES
  functionality.  Please see doc/krb4-xrealm.txt for details of the

* [1393] The xdrmem integer overflows [MITKRB5-SA-2003-003] have
  been fixed.

* [1397] The krb5_principal buffer bounds problems
  [MITKRB5-SA-2003-005] have been fixed.  Thanks to Nalin Dahyabhai.

* [1415] Subsession key negotiation has been fixed to allow for
  server-selected subsession keys in the future.

* [1418, 1429, 1446, 1484, 1486, 1487, 1535, 1621] The AES
  cryptosystem has been implemented.  It is not usable for GSSAPI,

* [1491] The client-side functionality of the krb524 library has been
  moved into the krb5 library.

* [1550] SRV record support exists for Kerberos v4.

* [1551] The heuristic for locating the Kerberos v4 KDC by prepending
  "kerberos." to the realm name if no config file or DNS information
  is available has been removed.

* [1568, 1067] A krb524 stub library is built on Windows.

Minor changes listed by ticket ID

* [90] default_principal_flags documented.

* [175] Docs refer to appropriate example domains/IPs now.

* [299] kadmin no longer complains about missing kdc.conf parameters
  when it really means krb5.conf parameters.

* [318] Run-time load path for tcl is set now when linking test

* [443] --includedir honored now.

* [479] unused argument in try_krb4() in login.c deleted.

* [590] The des_read_pw_string() function in libdes425 has been
  aligned with the original krb4 and CNS APIs.

* [608] login.krb5 handles SIGHUP more sanely now and thus avoids
  getting the session into a weird state w.r.t. job control.

* [620] krb4 encrypted rcp should work a little better now.  Thanks to
  Greg Hudson.

* [647] libtelnet/kerberos5.c no longer uses internal include files.

* [673] Weird echoing of admin password in kadmin client worked around
  by not using buffered stdio calls to read passwords.

* [677] The build system has been reworked to allow the user to set
  CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, etc. reasonably.

* [680] Related to [673], rewrite krb5_prompter_posix() to no longer
  use longjmp(), thus avoiding some bugs relating to non-restoration
  of terminal settings.

* [697] login.krb5 no longer zeroes out the terminal window size.

* [710] decomp_ticket() in libkrb4 now looks up the local realm name
  more correctly.  Thanks to Booker Bense.

* [771] .rconf files are excluded from the release now.

* [772] LOG_AUTHPRIV syslog facility is now usable for logging on
  systems that support it.

* [844] krshd now syslogs using the LOG_AUTH facility.

* [850] Berekely DB build is better integrated into the krb5 library
  build process.

* [866] lib/krb5/os/localaddr.c and kdc/network.c use a common source
  for local address enumeration now.

* [882] gss-client now correctly deletes the context on error.

* [919] kdc/network.c problems relating to SIOCGIFCONF have been

* [922] An overflow in the string-to-time conversion routines has been

* [933] krb524d now handles single-DES session keys other than of type

* [935] des-cbc-md4 now included in default enctypes.

* [939] A minor grammatical error has been fixed in a telnet client
  error message.

* [953] des3 no longer failing on Windows due to SHA1 implementation

* [964] kdb_init_hist() no longer fails if master_key_enctype is not
  in supported_enctypes.

* [970] A minor inconsistency in ccache.tex has been fixed.

* [971] option parsing bugs rendered irrelevant by removal of unused
  gss mechanism.

* [976] make install mentioned in build documentation.

* [986] Related to [677], problems with the ordering of LDFLAGS
  initialization rendered irrelevant by use of native autoconf

* [992] Related to [677], quirks with --with-cc no longer relevant as
  AC_PROG_CC is used instead now.

* [999] The kdc_default_options configuration variable is now honored.
  Thanks to Emily Ratliff.

* [1006] Client library, as well as KDC, now perform reasonable
  sorting of ETYPE-INFO preauthentication data.

* [1055] NULL pointer dereferences in code calling
  krb5_change_password() have been fixed.

* [1063] Initial credentials acquisition failures related to client
  host having a large number of local network interfaces should be
  fixed now.

* [1064] Incorrect option parsing in the gssapi library is no longer
  relevant due to removal of the "v2" mechanism.

* [1065, 1225] krb5_get_init_creds_password() should properly warn about
  password expiration.

* [1066] printf() argument mismatches in rpc unit tests fixed.

* [1085] The krb5.conf manpage has been re-synchronized with other

* [1102] gssapi_generic.h should now work with C++.

* [1135] The kadm5 ACL system is better documented.

* [1136] Some documentation for the setup of cross-realm
  authentication has been added.

* [1164] krb5_auth_con_gen_addrs() now properly returns errno instead
  of -1 if getpeername() fails.

* [1173] Address-less forwardable tickets will remain address-less
  when forwarded.

* [1178, 1228, 1244, 1246, 1249] Test suite has been stabilized

* [1188] As part of the modernization of our usage of autoconf,
  AC_CONFIG_FILES is now used instead of passing a list of files to

* [1194] configure will no longer recurse out of the top of the source
  tree when attempting to locate the top of the source tree.

* [1192] Documentation for the krb5 afs functionality of krb524d has
  been written.

* [1195] Example krb5.conf file modified to include all enctypes
  supported by the release.

* [1202] The KDC no longer rejects unrecognized flags.

* [1203] krb5_get_init_creds_keytab() no longer does a double-free.

* [1211] The ASN.1 code no longer passes (harmless) uninitialized
  values around.

* [1212] libkadm5 now allows for persistent exclusive database locks.

* [1217] krb5_read_password() and des_read_password() are now
  implemented via krb5_prompter_posix().

* [1224] For SAM challenges, omitted optional strings are no longer
  encoded as zero-length strings.

* [1226] Client-side support for SAM hardware-based preauth

* [1229] The keytab search logic no longer fails prematurely if an
  incorrect encryption type is found.  Thanks to Wyllys Ingersoll.

* [1232] If the master KDC cannot be resolved, but a slave is
  reachable, the client library now returns the real error from the
  slave rather than the resolution failure from the master.  Thanks to
  Ben Cox.

* [1234] Assigned numbers for SAM preauth have been corrected.
  sam-pk-for-sad implementation has been aligned.

* [1237] Profile-sharing optimizations from KfM have been merged.

* [1240] Windows calling conventions for krb5int_c_combine_keys() have
  been aligned.

* [1242] Build system incompatibilities with Debian's chimeric
  autoconf installation have been worked around.

* [1256] Incorrect sizes passed to memset() in combine_keys()
  operations have been corrected.

* [1260] Client credential lookup now gets new service tickets in
  preference to attempting to use expired ticketes.  Thanks to Ben

* [1262, 1572] Sequence numbers are now unsigned; negative sequence
  numbers will be accepted for the purposes of backwards

* [1263] A heuristic for matching the incorrectly encoded sequence
  numbers emitted by Heimdal implementations has been written.

* [1284] kshd accepts connections by IPv6 now.

* [1292] kvno manpage title fixed.

* [1293] Source files no longer explicitly attempt to declare errno.

* [1304] kadmind4 no longer leaves sa_flags uninitialized.

* [1305] Expired tickets now cause KfM to pop up a password dialog.

* [1309] krb5_send_tgs() no longer leaks the storage associated with
  the TGS-REQ.

* [1310] kadm5_get_either() no longer leaks regexp library memory.

* [1311] Output from krb5-config no longer contains spurious uses of

* [1324] The KDC no longer logs an inappropriate "no matching key"
  error when an encrypted timestamp preauth password is incorrect.

* [1334] The KDC now returns a clockskew error when the timestamp in
  the encrypted timestamp preauth is out of bounds, rather than just
  returning a preauthentcation failure.

* [1342] gawk is no longer required for building for the
  Windows build.

* [1346] gss_krb5_ccache_name() no longer attempts to return a pointer
  to freed memory.

* [1351] The filename globbing vulnerability [CERT VU#258721] in the
  ftp client's handling of filenames beginning with "|" or "-"
  returned from the "mget" command has been fixed.

* [1352] GSS_C_PROT_READY_FLAG is no longer asserted inappropriately
  during GSSAPI context establishment.

* [1356] krb5_gss_accept_sec_context() no longer attempts to validate
  a null credential if one is passed in.

* [1362] The "-a user" option to telnetd now does the right thing.
  Thanks to Nathan Neulinger.

* [1363] ksu no longer inappropriately syslogs to stderr.

* [1357] krb__get_srvtab_name() no longer leaks memory.

* [1370] GSS_C_NO_CREDENTIAL now accepts any principal in the keytab.

* [1373] Handling of SAM preauth no longer attempts to stuff a size_t
  into an unsigned int.

* [1387] BIND versions later than 8 now supported.

* [1392] The getaddrinfo() wrapper should work better on AIX.

* [1400] If DO_TIME is not set in the auth_context, and no replay
  cache is available, no replay cache will be used.

* [1406, 1108] libdb is no longer installed.  If you installed
  krb5-1.3-alpha1, you should ensure that no spurious libdb is left in
  your install tree.

* [1412] ETYPE_INFO handling no longer goes into an infinite loop.

* [1414] libtelnet is now built using the same library build framework
  as the rest of the tree.

* [1417] A minor memory leak in krb5_read_password() has been fixed.

* [1419] A memory leak in asn1_decode_kdc_req_body() has been fixed.

* [1435] inet_ntop() is now emulated when needed.

* [1439] krb5_free_pwd_sequences() now correctly frees the entire
  sequence of elements.

* [1440] errno is no longer explicitly declared.

* [1441] kadmind should now return useful errors if an unrecognized
  version is received in a changepw request.

* [1454, 1480, 1517, 1525] The etype-info2 preauth type is now

* [1459] (KfM/KLL internal) config file resolution can now be
  prevented from accessing the user's homedir.

* [1463] Preauth handling in the KDC has been reorganized.

* [1470] Double-free in client-side preauth code fixed.

* [1473] Ticket forwarding when the TGS and the end service have
  different enctypes should work somewhat better now.

* [1474] ASN.1 testsuite memory management has been cleaned up a
  little to allow for memory leak checking.

* [1476] Documentation updated to reflect default krb4 mode.

* [1482] RFC-1964 OIDs now provided using the suggested symbolic

* [1483, 1528] KRB5_DEPRECATED is now false by default on all

* [1488] The KDC will now return integrity errors if a decryption
  error is responsible for preauthentication failure.

* [1492] The autom4te.cache directories are now deleted from the
  release tarfiles.

* [1501] Writable keytabs are registered by default.

* [1515] The check for cross-realm TGTs no longer reads past the end
  of an array.

* [1518] The kdc_default_options option is now actually honored.

* [1519] The changepw protocol implementation in kadmind now logs
  password changes.

* [1520] Documentation of OS-specific build options has been updated.

* [1536] A missing prototype for krb5_db_iterate_ext() has been

* [1537] An incorrect path to kdc.conf show in the kdc.conf manpage
  has been fixed.

* [1540] verify_as_reply() will only check the "renew-till" time
  against the "till" time if the RENEWABLE is not set in the request.

* [1547] gssftpd no longer uses vfork(), as this was causing problems
  under RedHat 9.

* [1549] SRV records with a value of "." are now interpreted as a lack
  of support for the protocol.

* [1553] The undocumented (and confusing!) kdc_supported_enctypes
  kdc.conf variable is no longer used.

* [1560] Some spurious double-colons in password prompts have been

* [1571] The test suite tries a little harder to get a root shell.

* [1573] The KfM build process now sets localstatedir=/var/db.

* [1576, 1575] The client library no longer requests RENEWABLE_OK if
  the renew lifetime is greater than the ticket lifetime.

* [1587] A more standard autoconf test to locate the C compiler allows
  for gcc to be found by default without additional configuration

* [1593] Replay cache filenames are now escaped with hyphens, not

* [1598] MacOS 9 support removed from in-tree com_err.

* [1602] Fixed a memory leak in make_ap_req_v1().  Thanks to Kent Wu.

* [1604] Fixed a memory leak in krb5_gss_init_sec_context(), and an
  uninitialized memory reference in kg_unseal_v1().  Thanks to Kent

* [1607] kerberos-iv SRV records are now documented.

* [1610] Fixed AES credential delegation under GSSAPI.

* [1618] ms2mit no longer inserts local addresses into tickets
  converted from the MS ccache if they began as addressless tickets.

* [1619] etype_info parser (once again) accepts extra field emitted by

* [1643] Some typos in kdc.conf.M have been fixed.

* [1648] For consistency, leading spaces before preprocessor
  directives in profile.h have been removed.

Copyright Notice and Legal Administrivia

Copyright (C) 1985-2004 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

All rights reserved.

Export of this software from the United States of America may require
a specific license from the United States Government.  It is the
responsibility of any person or organization contemplating export to
obtain such a license before exporting.

WITHIN THAT CONSTRAINT, permission to use, copy, modify, and
distribute this software and its documentation for any purpose and
without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above copyright
notice appear in all copies and that both that copyright notice and
this permission notice appear in supporting documentation, and that
the name of M.I.T. not be used in advertising or publicity pertaining
to distribution of the software without specific, written prior
permission.  Furthermore if you modify this software you must label
your software as modified software and not distribute it in such a
fashion that it might be confused with the original MIT software.
M.I.T. makes no representations about the suitability of this software
for any purpose.  It is provided "as is" without express or implied


Individual source code files are copyright MIT, Cygnus Support,
OpenVision, Oracle, Sun Soft, FundsXpress, and others.

Project Athena, Athena, Athena MUSE, Discuss, Hesiod, Kerberos, Moira,
and Zephyr are trademarks of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(MIT).  No commercial use of these trademarks may be made without
prior written permission of MIT.

"Commercial use" means use of a name in a product or other for-profit
manner.  It does NOT prevent a commercial firm from referring to the
MIT trademarks in order to convey information (although in doing so,
recognition of their trademark status should be given).


The following copyright and permission notice applies to the
OpenVision Kerberos Administration system located in kadmin/create,
kadmin/dbutil, kadmin/passwd, kadmin/server, lib/kadm5, and portions
of lib/rpc:

   Copyright, OpenVision Technologies, Inc., 1996, All Rights Reserved

   WARNING: Retrieving the OpenVision Kerberos Administration system 
   source code, as described below, indicates your acceptance of the 
   following terms.  If you do not agree to the following terms, do not 
   retrieve the OpenVision Kerberos administration system.

   You may freely use and distribute the Source Code and Object Code
   compiled from it, with or without modification, but this Source
   Code is provided to you "AS IS" EXCLUSIVE OF ANY WARRANTY,

   OpenVision retains all copyrights in the donated Source Code. OpenVision
   also retains copyright to derivative works of the Source Code, whether
   created by OpenVision or by a third party. The OpenVision copyright 
   notice must be preserved if derivative works are made based on the 
   donated Source Code.

   OpenVision Technologies, Inc. has donated this Kerberos 
   Administration system to MIT for inclusion in the standard 
   Kerberos 5 distribution.  This donation underscores our 
   commitment to continuing Kerberos technology development 
   and our gratitude for the valuable work which has been 
   performed by MIT and the Kerberos community.


    Portions contributed by Matt Crawford <> were
    work performed at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, which is
    operated by Universities Research Association, Inc., under
    contract DE-AC02-76CHO3000 with the U.S. Department of Energy.

---- The implementation of the Yarrow pseudo-random number generator
in src/lib/crypto/yarrow has the following copyright:

Copyright 2000 by Zero-Knowledge Systems, Inc.

Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute, and sell this software
and its documentation for any purpose is hereby granted without fee,
provided that the above copyright notice appear in all copies and that
both that copyright notice and this permission notice appear in
supporting documentation, and that the name of Zero-Knowledge Systems,
Inc. not be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to
distribution of the software without specific, written prior
permission.  Zero-Knowledge Systems, Inc. makes no representations
about the suitability of this software for any purpose.  It is
provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.


---- The implementation of the AES encryption algorithm in
src/lib/crypto/aes has the following copyright:

 Copyright (c) 2001, Dr Brian Gladman <>, Worcester, UK.
 All rights reserved.


 The free distribution and use of this software in both source and binary 
 form is allowed (with or without changes) provided that:

   1. distributions of this source code include the above copyright 
      notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer;

   2. distributions in binary form include the above copyright
      notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer
      in the documentation and/or other associated materials;

   3. the copyright holder's name is not used to endorse products 
      built using this software without specific written permission. 


 This software is provided 'as is' with no explcit or implied warranties
 in respect of any properties, including, but not limited to, correctness 
 and fitness for purpose.


Appreciation Time!!!!  There are far too many people to try to thank
them all; many people have contributed to the development of Kerberos
V5.  This is only a partial listing....

Thanks to Paul Vixie and the Internet Software Consortium for funding
the work of Barry Jaspan.  This funding was invaluable for the OV
administration server integration, as well as the 1.0 release
preparation process.

Thanks to John Linn, Scott Foote, and all of the folks at OpenVision
Technologies, Inc., who donated their administration server for use in
the MIT release of Kerberos.

Thanks to Jeff Bigler, Mark Eichin, Marc Horowitz, Nancy Gilman, Ken
Raeburn, and all of the folks at Cygnus Support, who provided
innumerable bug fixes and portability enhancements to the Kerberos V5
tree.  Thanks especially to Jeff Bigler, for the new user and system
administrator's documentation.

Thanks to Doug Engert from ANL for providing many bug fixes, as well
as testing to ensure DCE interoperability.

Thanks to Ken Hornstein at NRL for providing many bug fixes and
suggestions, and for working on SAM preauthentication.

Thanks to Matt Crawford at FNAL for bugfixes and enhancements.

Thanks to Sean Mullan and Bill Sommerfeld from Hewlett Packard for
their many suggestions and bug fixes.

Thanks to Nalin Dahyabhai of RedHat and Chris Evans for locating and
providing patches for numerous buffer overruns.

Thanks to Christopher Thompson and Marcus Watts for discovering the
ftpd security bug.

Thanks to Paul Nelson of Thursby Software Systems for implementing the
Microsoft set password protocol.

Thanks to the members of the Kerberos V5 development team at MIT, both
past and present: Danilo Almeida, Jeffrey Altman, Jay Berkenbilt,
Richard Basch, Mitch Berger, John Carr, Don Davis, Alexandra Ellwood,
Nancy Gilman, Matt Hancher, Sam Hartman, Paul Hill, Marc Horowitz, Eva
Jacobus, Miroslav Jurisic, Barry Jaspan, Geoffrey King, John Kohl,
Peter Litwack, Scott McGuire, Kevin Mitchell, Cliff Neuman, Paul Park,
Ezra Peisach, Chris Provenzano, Ken Raeburn, Jon Rochlis, Jeff
Schiller, Jen Selby, Brad Thompson, Harry Tsai, Ted Ts'o, Marshall
Vale, Tom Yu.
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