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Netlify Status

Personal website, mainly to put everything together in one place.

Using nothing but plain html, css and some js. I wanted to have my own tiny corner where I could think about what to write and then come up with nothing substantial.

Also the dark mode, I can never decide which one I prefer and should make the default.

some web trickery in the landing graphic, which is an image but also has separate links and supports the dark mode as well.

That is made possible by a clever hack of sorts, the image is nothing but a SVG, and SVGs are nothing but XMLs, and XMLs support styling 😛

I think about using a markdown processor for the html but it feels too much work.

this uses as well as a custom résumé updating setup

Website at

feedback always appreciated, feel free to reach out however!

thanks to friends who contributed small features to this — the scrollbar and dark mode toggle animation are not my doing.