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streetgame Use format for Couch Client that is on production server Mar 16, 2017
templates add fallback to name if nickname is not tied to sg account Jun 16, 2018
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summergame.css increase font size on badge detail page Jun 17, 2016 Initial version of Summer Game module May 27, 2011 Add YML files May 4, 2018 Add new files: Controllers, Forms, menu, templates May 18, 2018
summergame.module Change leaderboard to 1000 rows by default Jun 16, 2018
summergame.permissions.yml Add YML files May 4, 2018
summergame.player.js Summer Game 2012 updates first commit Jun 14, 2012
summergame.routing.yml Change access to leaderboard for anonymous users Jun 18, 2018
summergame.staff.forms.js Removed newlines and carriage returns from code and badge forms to he… Jul 7, 2016 Make Game Term for Trivia a config option on answer page Jul 12, 2017
summergame.trivia.js Hard code json update path Jun 26, 2011
summergame_tables.sql Badge changes for 2016 May 31, 2016
upgoer5words.txt Add summergame user panel on account page, update PDF for 2016, tweak… Jun 14, 2016