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Bukkit server plugin for modifying the experience system in Minecraft.
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ExperienceMod is a plugin that makes it possible to add, or change, the types 
of player activity that awards experience points. This can be anything from 
mining blocks (also ensures no cheating with silk touch), placing blocks, 
crafting, brewing or even smelting. 

Configure the experience system to be more like 1.3 before it even has been 
released. Or you can experiment, finding a system that works better for you. 
It's all configurable.


    * Modify or remove the dropped experience by a number of factors:
     * Name of mob or creature
     * The type of damage that killed the mob/creature. Deny experience from 
       using splash potions! 
     * Whether or not a mob has spawned from a monster spawner
    * Drop experience when players are manipulating items or blocks:
     * By the name and durability
     * By potion effect, level, extended duration, and more.
    * Guarantee getting the highest enchant level on the enchantment table. 
    * Broadcast a message to the server or a specific channel (HeroChat only) 
      when experience is being awarded.
    * Use a different configuration for every world, or even particular players or groups.
    * Add experience to fishing! 
    * Set a range of experience to drop. Can handle decimal numbers. 
    * Use permissions to decide who will be affected by the modifications. 
    * Prevent experience loss upon death.
    * Reward experience through currency (requires the Vault plugin). 
     * Drop currency items instead of being given currency directly. 
    * Reward by dropping additional items.
    * Change the maximum enchanting level from 30 to anything you'd like.
    * Set the amount of bookcases you need to get the maximum enchanting level.
    * Set how much experience you need to level up a level. Recreate the 1.2.5 
      experience system perfectly.
    * Set the amount of experience dropped when a player kills another player.

    Copy the ExperienceMod.jar file to the Bukkit plugin folder.

    Optionally, if you need to reward people with currency, install Vault. 
    Install HeroChat if you wish to send messages on channels.


    If it's not already referenced, include the Bukkit MOD API:

This project can also be found on:
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