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A little web app that remixes Dinosaur Comics.
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Dinosaur Remix Build Status License

Dinosaur Remix is a web page that takes Dinosaur Comics and remixes them randomly, hopefully in interesting ways. It uses PHP, Python, and MithrilJS to do its remix-o-matic dance.

You can see it here:


If you want to host your own Dinosaur Remix page, just get a copy of the source and point your web server to the public directory. Make sure your web server is set up to run PHP scripts from this directory and that unknown URLs will be redirected to index.php. In nginx you can do so with this config snippet:

location / {
    try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php$is_args$args;

The file dinoremix.local is an example nginx configuration file for local development. Copy it to /etc/nginx/sites-available and customize the paths in the file for your environment. Then create a softlink to it with the command

sudo ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/dinoremix.local /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/dinoremix.local

Add dinoremix.local to your hosts file and then restart nginx.

Before the site will work, you will need to run ./composer.phar install --no-dev from the command line within the root directory of the repository.

Then, run python cli/ to download the comics from the Dinosaur Comics site and divide them into panels. You can set up a cron job to do this daily if you want it to always be up-to-date.


The code requires PHP 7.2+ and Python 2.7 or 3.

The Python scripts require the Python Image Library module. On Ubuntu systems, you can install the module with this console command:

sudo apt-get install python2.7-pil

Or, for Python 3:

sudo apt-get install python3-pil

The BeautifulSoup module is also required. It can be installed with pip:

sudo pip install beautifulsoup


A deploy script is already set up to use Deployer, but you will need to customize it for your server. First, edit deploy.php and change the server() details. Once you have customized the configuration, run this command to deploy:

$ php deployer.phar deploy production



The PHP extensions dom, simplexml, and mbstring are required for the development scripts. After installing them, you should run php composer.phar install.

The PHP code is written to comply with PSR1 and PSR2. A composer script to verify the conformance to those style guides with PHP_CodeSniffer can be run with:

php composer.phar check-style

If there are any problems that can be fixed automatically by PHPCBF, you can fix them with this command:

php composer.phar fix-style

There are automated tests in the test directory. They can be run with this command:

php composer.phar test


The frontend code is based on MithrilJS and Sass. Before running, you need to install the required NPM packages and build the assets.

npm install
npm run build

During development it's helpful to have a watcher rebuild the assets whenever they change. You can start the watcher with npm start.

The frontend code is written to comply with the AirBnB JavaScript Style and the Standard CSS for stylelint (with a couple of exceptions). Both of these can be automatically checked by running this command:

npm run check-style

There are Javascript tests written using ospec. You can run them with this command:

npm test


This code is free software licensed under the GPL 2. See the file for details.


This repository includes icons from the Silk Icon Set.

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