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Offensive Security Kali Linux ARM build scripts. We use these to build our official Kali Linux ARM images, as can be found at

  • These scripts have been tested on a Kali Linux 32 and 64 bit installations only, after making sure that all the dependencies have been installed.

  • Make sure you run the script first, which installs all required dependencies.

  • You will need to use the cross compilers from our github account.

armel images (RPi) will use

armhf images will use

arm64 images (ODROID-C2) will use

A sample workflow would look similar to (armhf):

mkdir ~/arm-stuff
cd ~/arm-stuff
git clone
export PATH=${PATH}:/root/arm-stuff/gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf-4.7/bin
git clone
cd ~/arm-stuff/kali-arm-build-scripts
./ 1.0

If you are on 32bit, after the script finishes running, you will have an image file located in ~/arm-stuff/kali-arm-build-scripts/chromebook-1.0/ called kali-1.0-chromebook.img and a sha1sum file for it. You will need to use your own preferred compression if you want to distribute it.

On 64bit systems, after the script finishes running, you will have 3 files located in ~/arm-stuff/kali-arm-build-scripts/chromebook-1.0; the sha1sum for the uncompressed image file, the image file compressed via xz, and the sha1sum file for the compressed image file.